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  1. It's like Christmas morning! Already feeling a few butterflies for today. Can't wait to watch the Reds again.
  2. I finished the second season last night. The episode where Erin's mom cursed Bridie was my favorite.
  3. Why should these people care about being doxxed? Shouldn't they feel proud of their donations and standing up for what they believe in? Unless they're worried about what the market will do to them once they've been 'outed' as a Trump support, but why would that be the case if he only wins and does great things?
  4. '... any type of supremacy.' Like burrito supremacy?
  5. Didn't he do the same thing with the Cali wildfires? Paradise, CA was called Pleasure, IIRC. He doesn't give enough of a shit to get it right.
  6. I had the same thought about Bobby. 20+ goals and 10 assists in all comps is my prediction. I thought we were really good yesterday. City outplayed us in the first half. They were up for it and played really well, but still only managed the one scruffy goal. In the second half, we were FAR better than they were. Maybe they were tired. Maybe they were happy trying to protect the one goal lead. I don't know, but we played them off the park. Once again they resorted to their shitty fouling and feigning injury to break up our moment. I can't wait for Friday. I don't think we'll get 97
  7. No, but he's an upgrade over what they have and you have to pay a premium for English born players.
  8. Celebrating a crime committed against someone is disgusting. He's fucking 70 some odd years old.
  9. Another noob question as I'm watching practice this morning: When they're in the garage before they go on the track, you often see them put a laptop or a Surface or whatever on the car in front of the driver. Are they showing them the track or something else?
  10. That Wilson goal was something. Looks like we're going to win a friendly! Yay! Maybe the weirdos can chill out now. How'd we give up the pen? Anyone know?
  11. A buddy and I were talking to a friend who mainlines Fox and is a trump supporter the other day. Our friend said, "hey! I don't like his tweets and I don't agree with them." I said, "ok, fine. Maybe you don't support the division that he's trying to cultivate through Twitter but that just sounds like you're ok with the rape accusations, the damage he's doing to the environment, the damage he's doing to our allies and other friendly nations. and the family separation policy. But hey, at least you oppose his tweets."
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