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  1. Probably from Uncle Nate. Just like the story that Manziel's family had so much money he didn't need to take any under the table.
  2. I've done this and it was excellent. Cooked the breasts to 160*.
  3. Spent a lot of my weekend listening to it and the new Turnpike. I’m a fan of Jake’s Piano, El Dorado, I Remember Everything, Tradesman, and Oklahoma Son.
  4. Sometimes Wine is quite possibly my favorite Sturgill song of all time.
  5. That is the best line from the song. First couple of times through, I find it "meh." Just doesn't sound like a Turnpike song to me.
  6. Rudy & Paco is also open at lunch during the week.
  7. I did not care for Sugar & Rye. Haven’t been to Shucks yet.
  8. I was there as well. Thought it was a pretty good show.
  9. I never thought that about Jinks. I know several people who saw him play in smaller venues before he blew up. But it is also pretty clear to me that he beats to his own drummer. I like his older stuff. Past couple of albums haven’t done much for me.
  10. Anyone have experience with Parker Boot Co. in Houston?
  11. Got tickets to the December 28 show at Billy Bob's. Pretty pumped.
  12. Those are nice. Calf skin?
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