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  1. I was there as well. Thought it was a pretty good show.
  2. I never thought that about Jinks. I know several people who saw him play in smaller venues before he blew up. But it is also pretty clear to me that he beats to his own drummer. I like his older stuff. Past couple of albums haven’t done much for me.
  3. Anyone have experience with Parker Boot Co. in Houston?
  4. Got tickets to the December 28 show at Billy Bob's. Pretty pumped.
  5. Those are nice. Calf skin?
  6. Use bacon fat. It is glorious.
  7. Aren’t tickets good the next year?
  8. These two things are the primary reason I go to Kiko's.
  9. Taqueria Almeida on Waldron for breakfast tacos. They have other food but never tried.
  10. Agree about the difficulties associated with two locations. Truth rotates employees between Houston and Brenham to try and make sure quality is consistent between locations.
  11. That is low as mine will go. I’ve never tried to reprogram. Also never tested to see where it actually is on temp.
  12. Interesting. I've done an overnight hold on several occasions and never included a water pan. What temp was your oven set at?
  13. It is coming back. Have not heard anything about the platform or power. From what I heard it will be more along the lines of the original Land Cruiser and not a luxury vehicle.
  14. I’ve held a “finished” brisket in the oven for 15 hours with no issue.
  15. Lots of seasoning options. I did one on Christmas Eve with kosher salt, 16 mesh black pepper, and Meat Church Holy Cow. About 1/3 of each. First it was rubbed with caramelized garlic olive oil. I smoke tenderloins at 250* until they reach an internal temp of 120*. Then I reserve sear in a cast iron pan or over a hot grill. You may be able to ramp up the temp on the Pit Boss for this. While it is resting after the reverse sear, you can put some finishing butter from HEB on it or make your own.
  16. I use my ThermoPen as a probe.
  17. Did one on Christmas Eve. Smoked at 250 until it reached 125* and then seared on Weber Kettle over a mixture of lump charcoal and pecan chunks. I rubbed mine with roasted garlic olive oil and then seasoned equally with kosher salt, 16 mesh black pepper, and Meat Church Holy Cow. Turned out great. On the Kamado, I use a mixture of lump charcoal and wood chunks soaked in water for at least 24 hours. Soaking the wood chunks for 24 hours is the only way l have been able to get the flavor of wood smoke with the Kamado.
  18. Get on YouTube and look at videos by Meat Church and Mad Scientist BBQ on pellet cooker briskets
  19. Correct. I am not talking about by the pound. More about plates and sammiches. If I get a 2 meat plate for $25, I don’t want two slices of each.
  20. I go to the one in Greenway on occasion because it is close to my office. They tend to give you the bare minimum. I get that meat (and everything) is expensive right now, but being chintzy isn't the way to keep people coming back.
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