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  1. Got my tickets/room for this in December, 3rd time going. Cancelled last year...Fuck COVID
  2. If you do rent a golf cart hogfish is a great place for lunch. http://www.hogfishbar.com/ If you rent a car to go up the keys at all at mm 25 The Original Square Grouper is one of the best places to eat in the keys.
  3. If you are still functioning after the bars close there is a club called the Oriole Club on Simonton Street right by Front Street. I have never been there but it is apparently where all the bartenders and dancers go after shift.
  4. I have never stayed there but I have some friends who have and they keep going back. It is right across from Lorelei, a little touristy but not bad and they have a sunset celebration every night. Be sure to hit the Square Grouper about a mile down the road, great food, and there are 2 breweries Islamorada Brewing and Florida Key brewing company. May not be kid friendly but you can walk to both from the Islander
  5. I would skip Key west with Kids in tow, at least for a few more years. Key Largo has great snorkeling at John Pennekamp park. Marathon is another hour down the road and not rally worth it unless you go all the way to KW. Islamorada is great, about 10-15 miles past Key Largo so you can drive up to Key Largo for things to do but Islamorada has more of a Keys feel to it, you can go to robbies and feed the tarpon and they have a snorkel boat that goes out to Alligator Reef. Key Largo - shortest drive, great snorkeling/diving, more of a town feel than Keys feel Key West - great time, grea
  6. Had my bike since March 2020 (got it just before shutdown), had one in my company gym since January 2020. Just about 400 rides. Hardest instructor definitely Kendall Tool Robin drives me nuts with her talk, she usually has decent music and classes so I turn down instructor and up the music Dennis Morton is good but does not put many rides out No instructor is really bad, it just depends how hard I want to work on a given day. I usually look for a decent ride with good music Down almost 30 lbs since I started.
  7. You could always try Hawks Cay near Marathon, not a natural beach but still nice
  8. Just got back from a quick trip. Parks all opened prior to posted park times, usually 30-45 minutes early Masks everywhere, people compliant only saw 2 mask police Magic Kingdom was empty early then got busier as the day went on Got rise of the resistance boarding group, but the ride broke while we were in line and we ejected - will do it next time Food was not an issue, had reservations for most meals but the mobile ordering worked well when we used it Park hopper worked after 2 o'clock no issues getting into other parks Ride lines weren't too bad
  9. Pink Hotel is the Don Cesar - nice but there are definitely better places to stay in St Pete Beach. St Pete Beach is still very much an old Florida beach town., my family owned a place there in the 80s and not much has really changed. Just south of St Pete Beach is Pass-a-grille beach, great grouper sandwich at the Hurricane. Probably a little far for a short trip, but great beach Downtown St Pete is great, heading there in a few weekends for a couple of nights. Great restaurants, bars and breweries.
  10. Spring cleaning the other day and found old pics of my first Airedale, Pandora (1990-2002) She adopted an abandoned baby trash panda for a few days once And loved walking the frozen lakes
  11. Are fast passes available for anything at wdw now? If not how is the Star Wars ride being handled?
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