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  1. No gnews is good gnews for Gary gun!
  2. Haven't been to this thread in a while but it is still one of the best on Surly. Monroe just got a haircut: We were up in the Great White North for Christmas, she wasn't a huge fan of here sweater.
  3. Not email but Teams or any instant messaging, just sending "Hello". If you have a fucking question ask it, don't say hello and wait for me to respond. If you can wait send me an email.
  4. Things are getting back to normal in SW Florida. Pine Island has power in some places now. The death toll is being ridiculously understated. I have heard from a few people that the second hockey rink at Hertz arena is being used as a morgue as the hospitals can't process all the bodies. Another person has told me they were still recovering bodies in the mangrove earlier this week. Neither are confirmed but to think only 52 people died in Lee county is crazy.
  5. What is the background/reason for the back kick? or is that just aggie being aggie?
  6. Power update this morning. Collie down to 9% with out power, Lee down to 47%
  7. My boat insurance requires a hurricane plan. We have our boat in a hurricane rated building in downtown Naples. We are on the bottom level, I was worried it would float off its bunk. Luckily no boats at my marina were damaged. I don't think we will be on the water for a while as there is too much debris and shoaling
  8. Just lost power again. Neighbors have it. It’s a 6-10 house outage in our neighborhood. Not hope for tonight as it is not a big outage
  9. Got power back at 5:30 last night. 101 hrs without. Could have been worse so I can't really complain. Things in Naples have settled down, gas more available. FT Myers still an issue. Back in the office today, company fully opened. Working on getting fuel and generators to employees that need them. , Starting to see pictures of the aftermath, brutal.
  10. Still no power but we have internet. First generator died. Friend gave me their generator since they have power back so house is powered but no ac (too much draw on generator). a few of our friends lost everything so we are are very fortunate. was at work today and trying to take care of our employees, company has about 5000 employees and we believe all accounted for. One stayed in fort myers beach and swam out after the storm. House may actually be salvageable. sorry if I have shared some of this before, I barely know what day it is right now.
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