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  1. Jared is such a moron. he is focused on getting Cam out but Corey sticking around is probably worse for his game, he is going to continue to call him on his lies and Cirie will have to come to is rescue and possibly expose her game more.
  2. I think it is pretty impressive that someone taught a dog to take pictures.
  3. My dad does this too. He has visit churches in England to look through their records, had the mormons send genealogy records (apparently they have the best library for this stuff), The spend the summers up north and the winters in the south and he brings 2-3 bankers boxes of his genealogy stuff back and forth every year. The funny thing about it is he now has gone back as far as he can go as he has got to where the records just list our family as Crofters (english farmers) with out much details. He says he plans to write a book summarizing the History of the Ogilthorpe Family.
  4. Saw Stick last weekend in St Pete with Pepper and the Elovators. Always a great show, will be seeing them at Closer to the Sun in Mexico in December as well.
  5. No gnews is good gnews for Gary gun!
  6. Haven't been to this thread in a while but it is still one of the best on Surly. Monroe just got a haircut: We were up in the Great White North for Christmas, she wasn't a huge fan of here sweater.
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