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  1. Damn, should have been with me at the Posse East. Good discussion, just have not been able to follow the games with this group and nice to be back.
  2. So did you folks just hang out at RLM when on the 40? There is only one UT, and it is not those red neck MoFo's from the SEC.
  3. So what, someone would still hit it out of the park.
  4. Just got in from a road trip and missed the game. Just saw the score. Only 1 thing to say...... HOOK EM!
  5. Was walking with my interpreter in Bosnia back in 96. He said yeah, a big massacre happened right in that ravine, nonchalantly pointing over his shoulder. I asked in 1993 (Serb Offensive in Una Sana Canton). Nah, back when the fucking turks came through in the 1500's. European vision of history is just like you say good Sir. You must stay at Holiday Inn Expresses.
  6. Nope, mainly in Peru and Ecuador. He was sent to Bolivia, as a Venezuelan, to commence the creation of the new government.
  7. And everyone forgets Sucre who was very instrumental in kicking Spanish ass in a few places.
  8. Damn that was a pretty set up and what a damn shot.
  9. Dad sent me this story about the SR-71. I remember hearing them when they would pass over Honduras heading either in or out of Nicaragua.
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