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  1. If anyone wants to get involved and help out New York they are looking for smart people who can assist from home. Governor just put this out. https://www.ny.gov/programs/new-york-state-covid-19-technology-swat-team
  2. Incentives for the win. Central America should become the major manufacturing location for the US. EU can do the same with Africa. Some asian countries can be included. But no incentives for industry in China.
  3. Quarantine them? Move industry out. Social media campaigns with no pause.
  4. Just to say it one more time. Fuck China.
  5. I already made the move to black coffee. Main reason is keep the milk for morning cereal for the kid. Also glad with my prep. Have a third person with us and no impact so far.
  6. Good kid here as well. Her biggest problem is the university she was doing research with has closed access to the labs. So there goes three years of BioChem research and no way to finish the studies and publish the paper. Sucks since it is a great concept and could have global implications for environmental studies. We had the college talk last night and we decided it is not the end of the world if she does not go straight to her dream school and settles for something for year 1 closer to home. Sucks, but better than other options.
  7. Should we join them now? I mean we need to keep the wreath fund going right?
  8. Pissed, but accepting it for what it is. She gets out to help out a friend at the food bank so she gets a sense that she is a small part of the overall solution.
  9. Third strike and isolate the student in the school. In Wuhan.
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