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  1. nah, you eat bat soup and die... I am tracking this for a few clients and right now the information out there is changing fast. Seeing reports of 3 cases in France, but 2 hours ago there were none. Go have a margarita and put a corona on the side.
  2. Just pushing for some State of Texas funds. Leaches and bat dick suckers.
  3. All surly is going to hell. Glad I will be there with you.
  4. Our tax dollars at work.... Shit I was about to book a trip for culinary exploration.
  5. This will probably go viral.
  6. Want a bright future? Ya better wear shades.
  7. Just need to be wearing this.
  8. just start coughing and talking about the delicacies in southern china.
  9. well we all need something to watch when we are locked down.
  10. Please go to the Dixie Chicken when you do. Where all your Texas gear.
  11. So 11 days from arrival too announcement. Anyone remember when Chicago started enhanced screening? And saw this. Numbers going up fast or just extra precaution? Any word if aggy is confirmed?
  12. reports of second case in US. Chicago.
  13. agree, but if half the videos surfacing today are real it is worse than the Government is letting the world know.
  14. Odd source, but they have called the closures of the other locations accurately.
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