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  1. I saw this today and laughed at their approach. But you are right, funny but not funny.
  2. Yeah, ya know what Hermano, I will give it up for lent, but not for a pandemic.
  3. I work daily with an epidemiologist who lives in Prague. He is from Texas, based there. And yep. The sucked it up, stayed the fuck home and wore masks. Asshole was at a brewery Saturday sending me pictures. I might charge him double.
  4. Shhhhhh.... Just go pray and hide in the Church.
  5. Heard the same rumor from a source in TxDHS. So what will this one look like?
  6. Love it when IT blames other IT.
  7. This shit comes to Texas you know who I am blaming.
  8. Shit, look at the Russians and their disasters. Also, doubt a contracting team of San Diego's finest (been to Chula Vista?) would be at sea repairing a flight deck. Someone fucked up or shit just happened.
  9. Shit, well at least they have testing. Hays reported 88 cases, but the lack of testing over the last 10 days makes ya wonder.
  10. This. I got into an argument tonight with a friend. Told her I was not going anywhere for my birthday. She wanted to invite a bunch of friends to her cousins, have a bbq, etc. Fuck it, gonna stay at home, order a nice bottle of something, smoke a joint, watch a few bad ass movies and wash my masks. She did not understand I have no desire to go to her cousins, hang out with her friends, who I know do not take this seriously, and add to the problem. I want the nation to open up dammit, but people need to be smart. And a lot of our fellow citizens are dumb, selfish and full of shit.
  11. I got her. And you are right, a damn good way of putting it.
  12. Was a smart play to get back onside for that.
  13. Watching all my daughters friends prepare to head off to college. My kiddo is remaining home since her East Coast university is allowing for online as well as in class.
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