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  1. keep clicking on this link thinking our Urban Meyer flight tracking team found some new images. paying tree fiddy is that what we get?
  2. Drool brother. I am quite pleased with my tiny social bubble living here. Though I do miss the talent show on a Friday at Zelicks.
  3. Oh you talking them Southwest Texas womenz.... Yeah, got ya... Sorry, just defending my admin and another good friends honor.
  4. We had 5 at the farm and man, I never worried about a thing. Raccoons, methhead neighbor, nothing. Grew up with them and yeah, been bit by 3, always my fault for doing stupid shit.
  5. Shepherds man. The little one is just an annoying squirrel wanna be that is fucking with his flock. Get a catapult. Fuck me for responding up thread. Sorry man, but yeah, the Shep was doing what Sheps do. I had them for both kids and fuck anyone/critter/ghoul who tried to mess with the kids. Sorry about the loss. RIP Henry. Hope there are lavender scented puppy pads waiting for you.
  6. Fuck this douche bag. Can we send him a link to this thread just so he knows we do not want his ass here? Or maybe we should make him the poster boy of dear assholes, do not come here.
  7. Kind sir, as a resident of San Marcos please contain your hate of the Texas State Instawhore. Shall we discuss Denton? Texas Tech? Or how aggy is going to fuck a sheep and there will be the next great mutation?
  8. Sure, lets mandate a date. Dear COVID, GTFO by August 15th. Man, I know how you feel and I wish we could, but I really do not think it is that easy. I guess if we all wish really really hard.....
  9. Hate to say I agree with you. Now we need to watch St. Patricks Day and Spring break.
  10. I have quite a few about that era of Dominican Baseball. And I know a lot of others have great stories.
  11. one to not be forgotten. The pardons for the Blackwater murders.
  12. This was my son's favorite place at the Hal of Fame. RIP Hank. Thank you for the memories.
  13. In on 1 year anniversary of the thread being started. Just heard from a friend who went down hard last week. He felt better 72 hours later and decided to drive on down to South Carolina and take his son to university. One year after and people still being dumbasses.
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