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  1. Cuz we all know female New Yorkers of Hispanic descent are all about White Power. Am I right?
  2. What I care about. 1. Longhorn Football 2. Red Sox 3. Celtics 4. Chelsea FC 5. Texas Basketball/Baseball 6. Bruins Sports is always on in my house so I watch it all cuz SPORTZ. It is basically that or the news.
  3. OK, so back to reopening ports. Sure, Harpoons would devastate their fleet, but have we been training the Ukrainians to use them? If not will take some time. No idea how long so perhaps one of our Navy Experts can chime in. Reuters article says 14 days. Another challenge cited is these are not land based systems. Another thing to be considered is I am sure some Eastern European countries that use Russian aircraft have anti-ship missiles. Looking at you Poland and Romania. Reuters article, then Twitter link. https://www.reuters.com/world/exclusive-us-aims-arm-ukraine-with-advanced-anti-ship-missiles-fight-russian-2022-05-19/
  4. Hell yeah! Joy riding in a BMP. About Moldova. Arm them up. Conduct exercises, say 20K NATO Troops on a Peacekeeping preparation mission. Surround the Russians there. Trade 1 Russian troop for 2 Ukrainians captured in the mill. Russian Officers count as .5 Get those POW's out of russia, and remove the potential threat at your back.
  5. They surround our base, join the Russian camp, and eventually get our nukes. The world will have to weather the storm. One thing that is going on is China's stockpiling of grain and soy. Convince South America to put it into the Donor coffers. Brazilian President won't, but Argentina is about to have severe economic problems, yet again, and some debt relief could be worked out I am sure. A boat of grain = this much debt relief. Or what about sanctions for hoarding food? The issue is not only Ukraine, but that is probably better for a new thread in the CR.
  6. GoFundMe time? What do we have in the wreath fund? If we sponsor it can we put the Surly logo on it? If so I have tree fiddy
  7. 2016 US Army study on Sovi, I mean Russian military documents. Extensive read. Came out of Leavenworth so probably well vetted. Just FYI. Have not had time to dive into it to see how accurate it is. Might be useful if anyone is writing a Thesis!
  8. Hitting the railway again. western Ukraine. Looked at the Rail map and yep, this connects the border to Kiev.
  9. Feel better! About the increase, and yeah I know we are a small county, but Hays announced a 14% increase in cases over the past few days. Nothing about hospitalizations. What is interesting is they stopped reporting awhile back, but yet here we are. Good news- Students are gone. Bad news- River is PACKED.
  10. What is odd about how it is being reported is it is a lot like Covid at the beginning. Isolated, hard to spread, no need to worry. Meanwhile. Estimates of the case-fatality rate for monkeypox in Africa vary from 1% to 15%, with the highest risk of death in young children. In one study of 300 patients in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the overall mortality rate was 10% and the mortality rate in unvaccinated children was 15-20%. (yeah, I know it is New Jersey, but first site I saw). https://www.nj.gov/agriculture/divisions/ah/diseases/monkeypox.html WHO is supposed to have some statements today. Do we trust them yet?
  11. Yeah, now we will see some interesting fires around there. Too bad the firefighters did not have their water cannons ready.
  12. Team America, Fuck Yeah! Coming again to save the motherfucking day!
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