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  1. So how good was it? Was stuck on calls all morning. Why won't people respect my soccer watching time?
  2. But they don't plan for those weather days off in advance man. The schedule is set in the fall.
  3. Agree about William. He has the class to be the next King. Charles is a dick. He should step out of the way. Andrew will be the fall of the family. Harry has done some good things and I loved watching how he worked with the Ghurkas in Helmand Province. But yeah, he is a distraction the House of Windsor really does not need. My grandmother would have kicked my ass if I behaved like that.
  4. And she will be missed. I am not a fan of the Royals, but HM presents us with a great story.
  5. Barbara Tuchman is the best. Met Prince Philip in Ottawa in 1984. He did not try to fondle me.
  6. Fuck yeah. Good start for Rodriguez after missing last year. BP looked solid. Devers had a dinger. I will take it. Time to listen to Tessie.
  7. Yeah, not a fan of the kit either, but a W is a W
  8. Impressive play. Mendy was a rock. Good highlights link.
  9. So contact her when we need a new banner or to replenish the wreath fund?
  10. Stop a pandemic with a bunch of dumbasses running around. Or fix Texas basketball.
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