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  1. Yep. Meanwhile the AG of Kentucky is telling people to not listen to celebrities the media or influencers, yet here we are.
  2. Dammit Phil, always fucking things up for the rest of us. Well just wait until you get your hands on one of these new combustion engines. I tell ya.....
  3. Slide rulers is the next thing I keep hearing about. And Courier Pigeons for inter-office communications.
  4. I would guess with players, coaches, and staff a 737 or a320. Steve Patterson used a fleet of Cessna 182s i believe. Not individual Jet Packs?
  5. Better than a molotov. I have quite a few of those (flares, not Molotovs) in my jeep. In part of Europe it is mandatory to have flares in your car. Let me know when they are throwing them at civilians. Then I might worry. For now we live in a nation where our police officers can do things which go against what we preach abroad. We decertify countries over shit like the Taylor case. Time we clean up our own act.
  6. No shit. Just when you want them to suck, they don't. Time to start thinking about the off season.
  7. Well shit. Hope this is not true. CNN saying they are hearing the same but will not confirm.
  8. Heard the creator of it on a webinar she gave my daughters class at GW. Impressive speaker, knows her shit, and there was nothing she said I could not disagree with. Plus she mentioned a few times she likes scotch and bourbon.
  9. yep, dude looks damn good. I know we suck this year, but I still love listening to the broadcasts from NESN. I swear the announcers are drunk most of the time
  10. I would not beat yourself up on that. Like @Hate said this has been quite unpredictable. Beta did the three hour (day) cruise down into Mexico, said nah, I want to go fuck up Texas.
  11. Anyone know what time the announcement is going to be made?
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