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  1. This needs support from both parties. Give the Eastern Nato partners and the UAF our Second Generation, better integrating NATO. I hope this happens.
  2. Being close to my dad is what has kept me here now that the kids are grown up. He is 83 and just lost his wife. I like to be close if he needs anything. I am trying to convince him to sell that huge house they built and move with me. My options are France, Kenya or Austria. My job is remote, always has been, but being close to good travel routes is important. If I stayed in the US than leaning towards Western (not west) Virginia or Kentucky. I could not move back to Austin. I like being close to it, but every time I see clear cutting developments I think Texas is not what it was when I came here to go to UT in the 90's. I have good friends there, go up quite often, but damn, I remember when Ben White was considered the end of the universe.
  3. One option, and if the Russians want to leave give them free passage. Another option. Turn it into a Free City under EU Leadership.
  4. @Brisketexan My dad ran the review group after Columbine for the US Army. They studied the shit out of it. And yes, engage the target, eliminate the target, and rescue all you can. Also, the average shooter is not good in tactical situations. If you have the training you can get them. Being shot at in real time is not the same as playing call of duty. What gets me is how many littles bled out because no one went in to clear it and get medical teams into those classrooms. The response at Uvalde was an embarrassment and agree all the UPD officers should give up their badges. They are lucky they are not facing massive lawsuits.
  5. The procedure as I know it since Columbine is engage the shooter. They did not do that. Act now and ask for forgiveness later would have been the best approach.
  6. Will be there tomorrow for the Astros game. Look for the dude wearing a UT colored guayabera.
  7. got a few friends here to watch the Stanley Cup. We might make it up. You will like it. Was a few years ago we discussed.
  8. seeing a trend. You all need to stay away from Sisters.
  9. fuck me, rooting for the land thieves over aggy. Oh well, guess I can justify since there are better collie station.
  10. I still owe you that baseball book. Let me know a good evening.
  11. Pay the man. Lock him up. Should be our next Ortiz.
  12. as others who have been/stationed in that part of Afghanistan it sucks. I always felt bad for the people from that region. Give me the Helmand valley any day. Place is a paradise in comparison. Expect the government will cry and scream for international assistance. That is one of the Taliban's recruiting zones so a lot of the rank and file have family there.
  13. Agree. That is why if you live here, and I do, you don't go near that part of town. Needs some more food options, but damn that river and the female talent pool make up for it.
  14. I think they are picking up as well as more resistance behind the lines. Lots of explosions/fire within Russia proper all of a sudden. Now go blow up the damn bridge and I will celebrate.
  15. Have a good buddy who is a water expert. he is pissed at this and plans to lead the opposition. So who wins. The hippies or the developers.
  16. Expect a lot of opposition to this. Where they want to build it is a recharge zone. Say what what you want about San Marcos, but these people care about their environment and are getting a bit tired of the development. As for Only Fans shoots, that is called the entire town and all the dorms. @Brisketexan Come on down one weekend. Me and @Beau Vine will take you to our watering hole. Trust us, you will have a great time.
  17. Yep. Worked with this dude in a lot of bad places. UT Grad, knows how to analyze. Lives on the economy and there is a lot of concern about this situation. To his benefit, he was an aggy who transferred to UT. So yeah, he is smart.
  18. Ecuador says Hola. Spoke with a buddy who lives on the coast yesterday. Said you cannot get any produce from the highlands or the East. He is getting a bit worried that it will spread to Guayaquil and fuck up their ports and oil exports. 2022 baby.
  19. 3rd in the East. Keep it up Sox and make the yankees cry in the post season.
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