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  1. meteor did not strike. I haz sad.
  2. Judging from what I seen the only correct answer is Toyota. Those Hilux are for real. Proud to say I broke an axle on one of them.
  3. Don't worry, I am sure they will put it on the wall of the Kremlin. Serious. This is a big deal. It could pull in the Chetniks in Serbia. Lets bring back the Byzantines.
  4. Well put. Never turn your back on a human.
  5. Final should be in NY. Wish we could do it in DC as our nation's capitol.
  6. Too soon Bro. Way too soon.
  7. Not offended. Sooner and aggy can do it. The rest mean nothing to our programs. Don't really care. I did not go to UT due to sports. I just know I wait for our players to put the Horns Up!
  8. I heard the green algae kept it on the surface.
  9. Yeah, building a UAF SU-25. And love the picture of Putin. Nothing screams bad ass dictator than a picture like that. At one time I had a wall of assholes. Dictator pictures I collected around places. Had Ortega, Khadaffi, Tito, Milosevic, Castro and Giap. Never had a Russian one. Guess I can print em out on my Kodak picture printer.
  10. Smuggling out Putin's dog? Mistress? Oligarch making a run for it? Odd as shit. Not known as a good drug running route. Now this flight going from Colombia to Honduras to Arkansas, yeah, we all can guess the reason.
  11. So we know who was at the McCombs school.
  12. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.
  13. get some of the straw water filters and you can drink it. I have two per person in my immediate group (my house is the go to for oh shit moments). Have used them in some nasty water and never messed me up. And if you have kids, keep Tang/gatorade/country time around. Makes shitty water taste not like shitty water and is cheap. I konw I am dealing with the Surly 1%, but was always something I kept in my deployment bag.
  14. What did February 16th look like? Anyways, Texas summers are just Texas summers. We know it is coming. Go to the river, drink beer, etc. It only really sucks in my view in September when the shit just won't end.
  15. The ever powerful librarian union has not spoken up on this yet. I don't see an issue with this. Issue it to university professors, dorm RA's, bouncers.
  16. I knew they had planes, but yeah, around Austin? My guess is a joy ride over the lake.
  17. Good analysis on that video. My first guess was it was hit from close range from the front. Would have been a hell of a shot.
  18. Don't forget the Chechens. I never saw a solid number of how many deployed, but we do know they were active.
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