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2020 Poker: Color Up!

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Eh, based on his prior play that you shared I don’t think you can kick yourself too much for the call. You ran the odds and he’d shown a bluff in a previous hand. Wasn’t necessarily a bad read given the circumstances, just the wrong one.

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2 hours ago, AUS-97HORN said:

played a hand, curious to see what the board thinks.

1/2  I am SB this hand sitting with $350.   

BB is a younger kid who has shown some disciplined folds, but also been caught bluffing.  hes got about $300

3 raisin asians in the middle spots, and 2 aggressive players in CO & button (both over $500).

I have KdQh, 2 MP players limp, as does the CO.  button makes it $12. 

I could just fold here, but that seems nitty.  so I call, BB calls 1 MP calls.    4 to the flop.

comes Qd-7d-3x

I really think someone, esp button will take a stab at this pot. so I check.  checks to button, who, sure enough puts out $20.   without much hesitation, I make it $50. 

BB tanks for a bit before finally calling, everyone else folds, including button. 

Td on the turn.   I check for both pot control and the obvious draw getting there.  But I do have the Kd so Im not going anywhere when he bets.

Except BB checks. 

River is the Kc.  so now I have top 2.   I check again, figuring if he had something like AK or QT T7 hes probably gonna bet $50. which I would call without too much hesitation. 

He takes a while and bets out $100. 

Is this ever a bluff in 1/2?  

Its less than half pot. 

A straight probably bets a little less.  I think any other 2 pair does a smaller value bet (or maybe even just checks it back)

I tank for a while before I act

what are the boards thoughts?  autofold? sigh call?   fuck it and get up and leave?



Snap call

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