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March Madness Squares Pool

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Every year I run a squares board for march madness. Game explained below if you haven't played. There are other surly-shag-horns who are already in. I just opened a second board due to selling out the first one in 24 hours. Let me know if interested...

The game works just like a Super Bowl squares board, except that instead of only being good for ONE game, the board is good for EVERY game in the NCAA Tournament (starting with the Round of 64), with payouts increasing in each round!  That's 63 chances to win!  At the end of each game (final score, including overtime), you take the last digit of the Winner's score, and the last digit of the Loser's score, and find the corresponding square.  If that square is yours, you win!  


This is a lot of fun, and keeps your interest in every game. Those annoying ass free throws at the end all of the sudden become the most exciting part of the game!


Entry and Payouts:


NOTE: If you already participated in my pool last year, do NOT join again. Just login to your account from last year.


Click here to Join: https://www.runyourpool.com/join/pool_info.cfm?id=70525&p=atxsquares18 



$100 per square to (please make sure I know your real name and board name): 

Venmo: @mmhollywood


Payouts are as follows (for each board filled):

Tourney starts on 03.21.18

Round of 64: $100 per game (32 chances to win) 

Round of 32: $100 per game (16 chances to win)

Sweet 16: $200 per game (8 chances to win)

Elite 8: $300 per game (4 chances to win)

Final 4: $600/Game (2 chances to win)

Championship: $1100 minus fees for board and 1 Free square for the organizer (me). (1 chance to win)

*The “First Four” or “Play-in Games” will not count.

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On 3/14/2019 at 2:15 PM, Greg Davis Apologist said:

I just ran my two squares from last year's tournament and I would have won $1600. 

Dang, too bad it's this year. 

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I watched the end of that Virginia - Oklahoma game like it was the national championship and tied in triple overtime. It's fun to do the math / scenarios in your head and try to figure out what the hell you're rooting for, for your numbers to hit. I've never rooted for a missed FT so hard in my life. 

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Thanks for the sending out the first weekend payouts. I was free-rolling this bitch after the Thurday games if I remember correctly.

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