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  1. Just the ideal backup who can step in and beat pretty much anyone. Can't believe teams keep letting him go
  2. Fluky game all around. Not worried about the Eagles yet. In the NFL, it's really hard to win when you know in the back of your mind, a loss doesn't hurt you much. Especially a division game against a team you already beat. Nothing really notable about this, other than I agree with some above that Heineke wins where Wentz would not have.
  3. Can't be mad at the Phillies. I wasn't expecting to devote so much time and energy to watching baseball the last 3-4 weeks. After 12 years not doing that, it's pretty exhausting.
  4. Yeah, did he think UF would somehow score while taking a knee at the +27 yard line? Had to pin them back to do it
  5. Those crowd misery shots, including the App State shirt, are some of the best work ESPN has ever done
  6. Cancelo blatant foul/red card in the box allows Fulham to tie City 1-1 in 29th minute. City will be shorthanded for 60 minutes
  7. This is great, and you only scratch the surface about how stupid they are. Bohm, Castellanos, even Realmuto who is so smart on the field. They have no idea what is happening in the world outside their clubhouse. I mean their current rally song was blatantly lifted from the fucking 2021 loser Red Sox (via Schwarber). And they don't know nor care that it's a remix of a remake. But those guys are prone to slumping (other than Harper). Not so much about last night as just normally having lots of 0-3 and 0-4's with mostly K's.
  8. If I didn't have rooting interest, I'd be mildly entertained by this series. But game 1 was the only time you had the late inning tension that people like to see in every WS game.
  9. It's good to know this whole stupid era, basically my entire adult lifetime, is coming to an end. Let the scumbags be scummy and see if they can actually coach finally
  10. Yeah, I think the books like to circulate stuff like that to encourage crazy parlay betting. That said, I was at the game and when Bohm was introduced pre-game, a guy in front of me at concessions said "Bohm home run, $100 to win $950 baby!". My thought was, you wasted your money dude. Turns out he was a happy bro about an hour later.
  11. Maybe the communities should be allowed to decide? Since teams are trying to draw 2 million+ local fans, maybe they should build a facility that those people want to visit regularly? As opposed to October weddings 1,500 miles away. Philly, NYC, Boston, Chicago, Baltimore, DC...I don't think a dome has ever been seriously considered for any MLB or NFL team in those cities. Without CR'ing this (read: definitely CR), spending a ton of money on an unpopular facility that will run up massive energy bills is not going to fly right now in most large cities. It is absolutely true Game 3 could have been played just by starting four hours earlier, a decision which could have been made on Sunday. It's also true that one of these days, a northern host is gonna have multiple cancellations and games played under 40 degrees. Those are two completely different problems, but neither will ever change. Good news - the rest of this week will be beautiful here in Philly.
  12. It's pretty simple, they cheated but failed in game 1, then cheated successfully in game 2! I'm not picking up a lot of whining here in Philly about the new cheating. I think tonight is the Stros first trip here since the 2017 scandal though, so I'm sure there will be trash can references and signs. Otherwise our fans will take their seats and clap politely when warranted.
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