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  1. I can believe no one used the term "SEC" in the meeting. But they know damn well what's at stake if they downgrade Bama. While I don't feel the slightest bit for FSU and their fans, those two backup QBs got a really raw deal. Basically their entire program was sent to the kiddie table because they couldn't score a couple TDs. It's good that there are two of them otherwise one dude would be a college football Buckner/Bartman for life.
  2. All this Mandel bashing is appreciated, but his initial point that the committee can sidestep the H2H argument by ranking Bama 2-3 spots ahead of us is definitely plausible. Our main hope is they decide a QB-less FSU would be overwhelmed in a semifinal.
  3. He's from Hershey PA so now I actually like him
  4. I'm sad that I'm aging out of GameDay's target demo but more sad that ESPN is gonna fuck up the strategy of reaching the new demo. If they even need a new demo.
  5. Aaron Nola staying in Philly! Seven years and $172 million
  6. Least "celebrity" celebrity guest picker I can recall. I'd have gone with the JMU lacrosse coach or something. But I know I'm not the target demo for this clown (or McAfee for that matter)
  7. Guarantee you the unspoken policy is we aren't doing shit until they play PSU and tOSU. Because a loss in either/both of those games allows everyone to stand down and save face. CFP can easily find four better teams, then the school and Harbaugh have tons of reasons for him to take a leave of absence for whatever bowl they're assigned. If they somehow make 12-0, the Big Ten will need to show its marbles or lack thereof.
  8. Bochy seemed to have a similar overall presence. Let the veterans do their thing, but trust the young guys as well without having to scream in their face. A lot of the country doesn't realize how many legit baseball fans have followed the Rangers for decades. Dallas folks played a part, but there are so many families from mid-cities, FW and even further who have been paying customers since Arlington Stadium. They didn't demand fancy stadiums with suites, they just wanted a winner. Congrats to all of you who finally get to enjoy it. And I don't think the Phillies would have beaten TEX. Presumably some better games, but the Rangers lineup was relentless.
  9. I'll seriously take all that over what most cities go through. The entire season is more exciting because you know you've got a chance. Then the whole city is bustling with excitement for however long the playoff run lasts. Me and several friends have been saying we're not sure our livers can take a World Series this week. The finality does suck, but we move on to our NFC champs showing no signs of backing off. Funny thing about that graphic, in terms of shocking defeats, the MLS one was probably worst. Had the lead in fucking stoppage time of extra time
  10. Props to Arizona. They figured out how to pitch us, tons of off speed mostly out of the zone. In a Game 7 our meatheads were chasing all that. Go Rangers. Lots of folks been waiting since the Arlington Stadium days
  11. I'm already pretty humbled by these nobodies winning 3 of the last 4 against us. Their lineup seems a bit top-heavy, but the last few games it's been the lower-middle guys doing a lot of damage. Carroll and Walker haven't even contributed much. I still think the Phillies lineup is too good to stay asleep for a home game 7 against a decent-not-great rookie.
  12. I think I posted last fall, go watch the Premier League if you want to see regular season excellence rewarded. And I love the Premier League, it keeps fans' interest all the way to the wire even if the title is decided a little early. We can't just extend series until Ronald Acuna starts hitting again or Clayton Kershaw gets enough chances to get people out on October. Or try to "fix" it by having them play in climate-controlled shopping malls. The Braves led for 2 of 36 innings in that series...what more do you need to see? We're only two years into this format anyway. Teams with the off week will learn to cope.
  13. The reason you keep seeing trash cans and Ted Cruz is because no one wants to waste 30 seconds of their lives looking up anything else about Houston. I would add "James Harden wants to live there" but even that's a little obscure.
  14. Arcia doesn't really deserve any response from a player Harper's level, but he should know when reporters are in the clubhouse, especially in the playoffs, you might not want to talk any shit unless you're pouring champagne. I'm sure Strider will be great tonight, but for how many innings? And can ATL put up some runs to apply pressure? And even if they win, who opposes Wheeler on Sunday?
  15. Jeez, Rob Thomson is a wizard. I did not like pulling Suarez after a couple weak singles, expecting 5.1 innings from your bullpen. But there is an off day tomorrow so there wasn't a ton of downside to overmanaging there. Amazing to win the Strider game too
  16. The Lumineers: Scruffy indie folk guys who have maintained a strange level of popularity Thank you
  17. I think we the Phillies will take this but probably need 3 games. Wouldn't surprise me if the bats come out pressing tonight vs Luzardo. But the Marlins really shouldn't be in the playoffs, certainly not the next round. One thing to watch is Kimbrel has been shaky for a while now
  18. The only way I'm getting a score as low as 50 is when it's Phillies AND Rangers
  19. But Vince Vaughn is coming up! Some of these students were conceived the night their parents went to Wedding Crashers
  20. Now we're talking goon! The new Philly venues rarely see much action lately, despite what y'all want to think
  21. Death Cab for Cutie & Postal Service 20th anniversary came through Philly last night (with Warpaint!). Concert of the century for me. Those two albums snatched me out of whatever crap I was listening to around 2001-02. Third Eye Blind might have been my favorite, and that's kinda sad. But the internet had become usable enough to find new, independent music and Postal Service was the first thing I latched onto. Which led me to DCFC and Rilo Kiley. Reminded me of my 80s upbringing. I went to the Postal Service 10th anniversary show, which was great, but they stepped it up for year 20. Larger venue, more lights and a more active role for Jenny Lewis. A couple Death Cab guys also joined them at times. The Transatlanticism set was incredible too, songs I hadn't heard live probably since seeing them at the Ridglea in Fort Worth in 2003. I'm so thankful this tour happened.
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