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  1. I ate there a couple times maybe 15 years ago but this was about my exact same thought.
  2. I took a look at their roster and noticed Last Chance U hero Chance Main from the Independence, Kansas/Jason Brown seasons. Pretty cool.
  3. CBs were beaten and safeties in pursuit but balls overthrown. Passes being dropped outright, not broken up. Regardless, we should also have scored a couple more times so really both teams should be in 20-30 pt range.
  4. Agreed. Should probably be about about 28-24 at half.
  5. Bean missed connecting on at least a few big passes when he had receivers open and also had a couple first down passes dropped. We’re very lucky they only have 7 right now. Here’s hoping we turn it on in the second half again.
  6. Thought on that first down before the stall would’ve been ideal for an end zone shot. We’re going to have to taking those when we he 45-35 yd line with all of our issues past the 30.
  7. D_Goose


    I wonder what this means for P Diddy/Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean Combs. My guess is not much, but without reading too deep into any of the dozens of stories about this it sure seems like there’s a lot of smoke around him being involved in the murder.
  8. Ha, dude had just kicked off his so long, farewell address. He’d probably been working on that all week.
  9. Really wish Taafe would keep quit his fucking finger wagging until we’re at least in the lead.
  10. Reminds me of the time a few years ago when I was eating at DeSano on Burnet and witnessed a homeless woman bust out a roll of Charmin double-ply while breaking into a squat by a bus stop bench directly across the street.
  11. Re: the prospect of potentially benching QE in a game for performance issues… I’m not holding my breath. Anyone with two eyes and a pulse could see we would’ve likely won those Tech and Ok St games last year if he’d been benched for Card. We were joking Card must’ve fucked his wife or something. It was incomprehensible leaving him out there.
  12. I don’t care it’s Rice. I wanted to see us come out and look like killers. So far I just see a lot of the same bitch-assedness I’ve seen the last 13 years.
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