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  1. His laptop crashed while doing the primary recording. I’m not an AV nerd but think he said he’d preconfigured some equipment for backup and someone unknowingly fucked that up while he was out.
  2. Dan and Jake’s college football segments in general are usually pretty painful to listen to. I’m glad they rarely devote time to it.
  3. If it’s now the rule that schools close for this type of situation, why not close them when it’s incredibly rainy too? Can be just as dangerous, if not more, than it will be tomorrow.
  4. Related to Waco, Ruby Ridge, et al, Roy mentioned Ammon and LaVoy during his call-to-arms scene: Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge - Wikipedia
  5. If the Coach O smoke is real, you can probably count on FCB or the chuckle fuck trolls at the AAS eventually dredging up the political/racial stuff from a few years ago - mentioned in the Athletic article satya posted a page or two back.
  6. Just chiming in to say the Jimmy presentation was awesome. For that minute he was in front of his players, he was their fucking coach again. It looked like he relished the fuck out of that.
  7. They were 7-5 in 2014 under Franchione but didn’t get invited to a bowl.
  8. He said at the very end of this video w/Rod that he, Rod, and E Hogan would be on doing it later tonight.
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