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  1. Impressed he’s so highly rated with no fingers on his left hand
  2. Think you’ll be lucky to get 100 mil for those four but we’ll see. Seems like the market has shifted a bit. 35m for Mcalister and Bellingham for less than 100 surprised me. I think Jwp will end up being about 35 as well. You lose negotiating power when relegated. I was also surprised to see you as promotion favourites, tough to tell until transfer window closes.
  3. Playoff final pics. Everyone goes on about the Kenny being tough to play at but Luton were better away from home this season. The ground used to hold 30k with people clinging halfway up the floodlight pylons and kids sitting on their parents shoulders. The tunnel is small but the dressing rooms are worse; I don’t know how all the premier league support staff will fit. Teams will enter the ground through a tunnel that goes beneath the railway. I’m told season ticket prices won’t go up, reward for all the fans who filled the ground when the team was in the football conference. Other things that people don’t mention, the focus is on the 30 point deduction. The club was about to go bankrupt in the 70’s and stayed alive at the last minute by selling a player (could sell players anytime back then). All the fans contributed money to keep the club going. Then there was the attempt to move the club to Milton Keynes by a shite owner; it was vociferously opposed like only football fans can. They eventually moved Wimbledon instead of Luton.
  4. I’d say it’s commitment and passion. Fans live for the game and the club, it’s all the players have done since they were five years old; all they ever wanted to do. It means something to everyone involved. Not sure what is meant about how Wrexham players are paid but they get paid the most in the division and probably the league above too. I can’t tell if you are saying there’s more professional respect in mls? Yes in a way since some players in the national league won’t be full time professionals, but also the further down the leagues you go the more it’s like old fashioned English football. Highly physical, constant attack, long balls, strength over technique. Effort is heralded, which includes kicking your opponent up in the air.
  5. 70’s. It was still a game for regular fans, brilliant awaydays without being shifted around like cattle, enormous terraces, European cup was just for league champions, fa cup was the biggest match of the year, only 1 substitute, pitches that were complete bogs, no moving of fixtures for television. Brazil team of 70 and Dutch team of 74 incredibly exciting. Only thing it was missing was 3 points for a win.
  6. Hopefully Luton will achieve it this season
  7. The empty seats add a sense of realism to the edit
  8. Maybe we can get Weigmann, he was on fire tonight
  9. It’s almost like he is a freshman who has played only five or six games. Thank god he is consistently bailed out by our sure handed receivers and a running game that delivers in Crunch time.
  10. European Super League didn’t fail because FIFA wasn’t on board. FIFA has little sway with club football. It failed because the fans didn’t want it
  11. Devastated for Italy 🤪 On another subject: Loads of tickets available first come first served in World Cup portal. Not all cat 1 either. Buy the tickets then you can access and book accommodation. Not as expensive as I feared, no hotels available but apartments and villas. It’s clear that they only have a few architects in the country, all the buildings look the same.
  12. Surprised at the 79% passing stat. It looked like many simple passes went astray and the crossing was pretty awful. The team really didn’t have as much sustained press as it should, too eager to pump it into the middle, that’s on Gerg. Doesn’t help that Pulisic was a complete non factor
  13. I think orders means “marching orders”; being told to walk off
  14. I get the red for Kane, what was the other one? Liverpool should have got a penalty but if that was called a foul it wouldn’t be a yellow let alone a red
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