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  1. I’m of the opinion he earned a payday. He’s vastly underpaid now, and he has excelled. don’t have to go aggy on contract, but he should be able to swing his nuts around in a room of peers this is a job with a lot of perks, but also a lot of pressure. If it were easy, someone would have done it since 2009. The promise of “future” money isn’t going to keep anyone content
  2. This is crazy. We’re in the CFB playoff and people are like, yeah but can he do it 2 years in a row?
  3. Is the area, say within a 1 mile radius of the Superdome ,“safe” for walking?
  4. God Bless BJ preaching on the home of the SEC
  5. Jesus no body cares Nessler and Danielson
  6. What in the ever loving fuck was that tackling epidemic
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