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  1. Sweep and clear is on day 3, right after mop etiquette
  2. I’m a sucker for anything set in a snowy, cold, dark location, but what a fucking waste of a season of TV
  3. Why is usher wearing a 68 yr old woman’s business suit?
  4. Wow I don’t remember who anyone is other than Ken Watanabe and Jake
  5. I buy all my cars at a police auction
  6. I like it ok, but they could take about 20% off the cheese and the main guy is almost a caricature
  7. I’m not talking about the clip. I’m talking about what I observed in the end zone with the “Texas” painted in it I was agreeing that the fan is a dumb ass for mouthing off at the players, then relating my experience of Washington players who prioritized giving horns down to the crowd over celebrating with their team on the field…
  8. Penix was really really impressive. He made all the throws and made it look easy. We weren’t able to make him uncomfortable and he made us pay
  9. I agree this is dumb af, but as the clock struck zero sealing UWs win, some player felt the need to full on sprint across the field to the corner of the end zone with the Texas band and start giving horns down to the crowd. Not celebrate with his team, or take the time to congratulate their teammates for all the hard work in their season giving them a berth into an opportunity for a NC, nah, had to get those horns down in the faces of the losing fan base, I’m sure a memory that will remind him how small he is for a lifetime
  10. That’s a lot of RAM for someone who knows jack shit about computer if your PC won’t post when you install new hardware it’s probably bad or incompatible or incorrectly installed hardware https://www.newegg.com/tools/memory-finder/
  11. I have no idea what you are talking about. Are you perhaps letting your experiences in the CR taint your perception in other boards? I don’t go into the CR and I don’t see any of what you are describing
  12. for such a long movie, there isnt a lot of intrigue or suspense to it
  13. I’m of the opinion he earned a payday. He’s vastly underpaid now, and he has excelled. don’t have to go aggy on contract, but he should be able to swing his nuts around in a room of peers this is a job with a lot of perks, but also a lot of pressure. If it were easy, someone would have done it since 2009. The promise of “future” money isn’t going to keep anyone content
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