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  1. One of the worst regarding Texas was that big12 title against dirt burglar and the lil ewok. Completely rigged. Fantom PI calls against Horn db’s….johnson and humphrey getting blasted ball mid flight….no call. Horseshit
  2. I’ve seen this posted before on surly….but not sure if they were the “pro-shot” quality. Audio is excellent here.
  3. I found this vid….I kinda like it?! Lol
  4. Sounds like it wasn’t a technical marvel….heavy, muddy….however, made a lot of noise for the buck. The 80s crowd still looks back on them with some fondness. Brief check of reverb showed prices 200 for a turd and 600 for mint
  5. Nice! Not being a guitarist, I googled the back story on that peavey.
  6. A DLR favorite of mine…..that never made an album.
  7. 2 of my favorites with van hagar are Runaround and Judgement Day. Absolutely fantastic VH songs. I beat the shit out of my Renown’s playing those
  8. I saw dlr/sammy tour together at cynthia woods in 2002. Roth opened, it was an abortion. He never really sang, was constantly arguing with personnel side stage. Highlight was ray luzier on drums. I think the guitarist was brian young and he was great. Sammys performance was kickass. He actually tried to get Dave on stage for a duet….he refused. I think that tour ran 20 something dates and they eventually had to build a temporary wall backstage to keep them separated lol. But it was a huge financial success
  9. Scorpions! Rarebell says “got rack tom”? Those fuckers are cannons
  10. I’m constantly checking on new arrivals….in case there’s something I can’t live without….this popped up on DrumCenterPortsmouth today Tama starclassic walnut/birch in lacquered charcoal oyster. DCP exclusive paint job. Wow! https://www.drumcenternh.com/tama-starclassic-walnut-birch-4pc-drum-set-w-22bd-lacquered-charcoal-oyster-dcp-exclusive-wbs42bnslco
  11. Nice find right there. Good sound quality
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