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  1. I don’t dismiss the entire thing….because there are people that believe it. In fact, Tama was compelled enough to believe, or enough market forces were being applied…,but they made a tom rack system that attaches to their kick drum with no drilling at all IIRC. They claim the best of both worlds. It does look pretty slick, just not sure I believe the tonal difference hype
  2. Some aficionados would say yes and only buy virgins, they’ll say it resonates more “purely”. I have both and can’t tell a difference. My renown is virgin….the phonic is drilled, with a huge weighty mount, then a massive mount rod goes into the kick…..that phonic resonates the most pure kick sound I’ve ever heard. My opinion…snake oil
  3. Well, it just means it’s not drilled for a mount. For example, Gretsch just calls their 22x14 “virgin” kick a “no-mount” on their spec sheet. But….if you go to Sweetwaters website for their advertisement of that same kick, Sweetwater will call it a “virgin” kick. So the “virgin” description is used in the industry somewhat
  4. I finally got the renowns out of the drum room and the phonics situated and tuned. I wasn’t for sure initially, but I’m really not missing the extra 14 floor the renowns had at all. I have more room 2 up 1 down and it’s easier not having to turn so far to reach the 16. These fuckers rumble in the jungle
  5. You’ll get great advice. Scenario A….try to buy local or known party. If that doesn’t work, and you still want vintage, even shipped….request pics of the shells bearing edges and interiors. If a seller will not do that….move on down the road. They probably have something to hide
  6. Especially buying vintage….be careful. This phonic i just bought, the 16 floor has a crack in an inner ply. It does not affect the way it sounds because it sounds orgasmic and you’d never know looking at it because it’s fucking beautiful….but still pisses me off none the less. Besides some online pics, I bought sight unseen. And they were shipped from Germany. Not sure if the shipper did it or the seller was not truthful, but I bitched and got a partial refund.
  7. rungeflash


    Rip…this one is for you. Steve on a massive Sonor Phonic kit in 1983
  8. Sonor introduced this 9 ply phonic beech shell in 1975 for their centennial anniversary….and those Germans did not mess around. They decided to bring a bazooka to a knife fight. This is the phonic 12 vs renown 12
  9. Thanks! The sizes are 22x14, 12x8, 13x9, 16x16….but as I know you know, they sound MUCH deeper and larger than their dimensions. Super heavy, over-engineered pieces. Not exactly gig friendly lol….but oh that sound. I’m having a lot of fun just messing with different tunings…they have a wide range. Those racks tuned high are something else, never heard that sound before in person out of a drum
  10. I just got this set…..it’s a 1986 Sonor Phonic in metallic silver wrap. 22-12-13-16 They’re a 9 ply German beechwood (cut from a grove in the 1970s) and they’re some of the sweetest sounding drums ever made. Gods of thunder.
  11. Horns are just flat out better running the ball and stopping the run…and even in this pass crazy age, that’s a beautiful thing to have on our side
  12. Wow…way to go Tommy! I took a look thru their website, looks like a nice family owned business. Opened in 1978 I think. Was cruising thru the pics section…and sure looked like Chris Layton in one of the photos.
  13. It depends on which IC, Jimmy. They make 3 singles (IC200, IC600, IC900) The iC200 is like $79, the IC600 $149 and IC900 $249. The IC900 is the one that butts heads with DW5000 in the market place….pretty much exact same price. I think I paid $69 for my IC200 5 years ago and it’s still going strong….have done zero maintenance. Not even a lube. But it is squeaking now….time to break out the oil
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