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    Euro 2024

    Your seemingly endless supply of useless info (see airline and airport discussions) never ceases to amaze, amuse, and inform me. I'm here for it.
  2. But he sells merch so it's all good.
  3. Aim or pace or both? Lay down some sticks on a practice green and check your alignment if it's aim. If it's pace, I like to keep moving - wiggle the arms, shake the legs, whatever - and move fairly quick. That forces me to be more athletic and think less but feel more and usually my pace is decent as a result.
  4. The resemblance is uncanny.
  5. Brek is a fun course - 3, 9 hole layouts that they rotate mornings and afternoons. Their staff is also.... High quality.
  6. Last recon flight this evening confirmed it's not really moving and it is getting (slowly) stronger - some 60 kt wind speeds were found vs 40 yesterday. It's still a giant mess, these winds are far from center, and it is getting closer to land. Doubt it has time to strengthen much more. The storm that is forecasted to develop in the same spot as soon as Alberto leaves is the one to watch.
  7. Officially 91L with two recon flights planned for today. 70% chance of being named within 48 hours. TLANTIC REQUIREMENTS 1. SUSPECT AREA (BAY OF CAMPECHE) FLIGHT ONE - TEAL 71 FLIGHT TWO - TEAL 72 A. 17/1800Z A. 18/1130Z,1730Z B. AFXXX 01AAA INVEST B. AFXXX 0201A CYCLONE C. 17/1515Z C. 18/0915Z D. 19.5N 92.0W D. 22.5N 93.5W E. 17/1730Z TO 17/2230Z E. 18/1100Z TO 18/1730Z F. SFC TO 10,000 FT F. SFC TO 10,000 FT G. LOW-LEVEL INVEST G. FIX H. NO WRA ACTIVATION H. NO WRA ACTIVATION (CORRECTED)
  8. Finally back in the 70s. Feels like it's been near a year ... Shot a 77 with 6 bogeys and the rest pars. Some good par saving putts and some really bad short misses for bogey. Ball striking was superb 90% of the time and that was the difference. Now let's see how flukish or real that round was....
  9. That's a strange way to define irrelevant. Especially when we consider NBC is in charge of coverage.
  10. Buy YouTubeTV, watch this shit in multiview:
  11. Love the insight, but I'm a little disappointed.
  12. Damn she hides those cans really well when she's on the Hill. Had no idea....
  13. He's been part of Thurs and Fri featured groups every tournament he's played in this year and most of the Sat/Sun featured groups when he makes the cut. I'd venture a guess that when given the option, he gets picked for featured coverage more than just about anyone (Scheffler would be up there too but they don't put the guy leading the tournament into featured group coverage on the weekends).
  14. That for sure. But I also think he's tricked this place out to the extreme. It's just missing a windmill. I may be in the minority, but I'm not a fan of this place. Same with Sawgrass - tricked out and silly. Same with PGA West (Pete Dye again...). Riv, Augusta, Colonial... Great tracks that don't need to be tricked out with crazy rough, silly "features", and length.
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