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  1. First I've watched of this U20 World Cup - this U20 team looks 10x more cohesive than any senior US team I've seen. Tons of great link up play and anticipating the correct run.
  2. Fuck this state. It's so embarrassing to be a Texan at this point and that's heartbreaking to say. Texas wants to secede. Can Austin secede from Texas?
  3. Hint - no shit, Sherlock.
  4. Usually I have enough self control to not reply to you and your "I'm smarter than everyone here" bullshit but my god, what a heartless, shit head take. Fuck off.
  5. Ya, like Lurch and I said, talk with them and make your ask. Even for a $100/round kind of place, that's still pretty high end. I would expect they'll take care of you, you just have to be the one to make the demand.
  6. In my experience, usually they'll refund half your green fee and call it good but you have to ask - they won't be proactive with it. If you feel like you had $100 stolen, rough math says this is a $200 round? If so, I'd say it's even more likely they would have refunded if you pushed back. Goat tracks would probably tell you to pound sand but a $200/round place would hopefully care more.
  7. dieucla98

    USMNT 2023

    I have not been following either Tillman or CCV much but this feels like pretty serious recognition. Curious to see where Tillman lands next year - surely Bayern won't bring him back to the senior team just yet so likely another loan spell somewhere?
  8. It lasted, what, 5 minutes and the race went off on time so in the end who cares? It didn't detract from the race. It's all the old curmudgeons of F1 fandom that are complaining, but let's be honest, you're not going anywhere. If this is what it takes to grow the sport, then ya, I'm all for it. And I own a mute button. And other channels. Or I'll pet my dog if it bothers me.
  9. So Checo got fucked and Max benefited. At least when Max gets fucked, it's not by his own team. Also, I have a hard time believing they didn't have enough data from practice + quali to know mediums were a bad choice, especially with a full fuel load. That data is pretty clear cut.
  10. I thought the theory was the V2 was a Z-Star? In my experience, but the V2 and Z-Star were too spinny for my swing so that theory always jived with me.
  11. dieucla98

    USMNT 2023

    Dest looks like his time is done at AC Milan but CP10 + Adams there? Sign me up.
  12. I'm not going to fact check this but in the very least, a 10% reduction through one policy reenactment is a pretty fucking good start.
  13. Humid as my armpits out there. And now a severe thunderstorm watch issued. Things about to pop?
  14. Very curious to hear the trip report from this vacation. We're throwing around taking the kids to Italy next summer and Rome -> Sardinia is one of the options.
  15. Yuki would be f'd, it would take him an extra 50 steps and a step ladder.
  16. Oklahoma doesn't have money to send OU to the SEC sooner. There's no way they can afford to admit wrongful imprisonment.
  17. If the sight of 8 year olds on your ring doorbell make you want to load your glock, how do you even Amazon Prime? Or do they get a pass? What if the child was wearing an Amazon vest? Is it the color blue that's soothing compared to whatever the kid was wearing? Are rainbows unnerving? Or is cardboard comforting? I'm so confused.
  18. Big time. The most excitement was in the pit lane - Russell/Stroll and Ocon nearly plowing a crowd.
  19. Wife is driving through Temple. Fuck.
  20. These are not the storms you're looking for. /obiwan The line that is going to wreak havoc looks like it's just getting started to the north of Fredericksburg.
  21. Just took the dog for a walk in NW Hills - it's like a sauna out there. Powder keg feeling and still sunny.
  22. The theme is guns are stupid and should be more heavily regulated because we as a society are far too dumb in general to wield them.
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