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  1. Finally back in the 70s. Feels like it's been near a year ... Shot a 77 with 6 bogeys and the rest pars. Some good par saving putts and some really bad short misses for bogey. Ball striking was superb 90% of the time and that was the difference. Now let's see how flukish or real that round was....
  2. That's a strange way to define irrelevant. Especially when we consider NBC is in charge of coverage.
  3. Damn she hides those cans really well when she's on the Hill. Had no idea....
  4. He's been part of Thurs and Fri featured groups every tournament he's played in this year and most of the Sat/Sun featured groups when he makes the cut. I'd venture a guess that when given the option, he gets picked for featured coverage more than just about anyone (Scheffler would be up there too but they don't put the guy leading the tournament into featured group coverage on the weekends).
  5. That for sure. But I also think he's tricked this place out to the extreme. It's just missing a windmill. I may be in the minority, but I'm not a fan of this place. Same with Sawgrass - tricked out and silly. Same with PGA West (Pete Dye again...). Riv, Augusta, Colonial... Great tracks that don't need to be tricked out with crazy rough, silly "features", and length.
  6. Scottie is dominant as fuck. Pumped he's a Horn and represents the university well and I root for him every tournament. That said, Jordan is more entertaining to watch. Part of entertainment is experiencing all the emotions which you undoubtedly get with Jordan, as far as golf goes. Even in 2015 you got that experience with Jordan. I think that's a large reason for his following and why he's pretty much always part of featured group coverage and, I'm guessing, one of the biggest draws of the featured groups.
  7. That was from last year before he joined LIV. Changes it from "buyer's remorse" to "fuck that guy" pretty quick. Fuck all this LIV shit. Said it 100x and I'll say it 100x more. You're doing nothing to grow the game, only kill it. At least the worst thing you could say about the PGA was that it wasn't growing the game enough but at least it wasn't destroying it.
  8. Thanks for pointing me to it, dude is spot on.
  9. It's definitely got its particularties that don't have parallels in other sports.
  10. I don't have much confidence anymore... We essentially fired him once already and went back to him like a scorned puppy. We had as easy of a chance to get a new coach as we could hope for and completely shit the bed.
  11. So either.... the guys didn't believe the job you assigned them was correct and overrode you, you did a poor job in explaining and coaching their jobs, the players were given the wrong job for their skill set and failed, the players actually did their job well it's just they were the wrong jobs for the game, or... the players are just bad at jobs. Seeing as there were 11 guys playing top flight futbol and 1 guy with 0 skins worth a shit, I'm going to assume it's anything but the last one. Get fucked, GGG.
  12. Fuck ya man, you should be. Great work.
  13. Part of me thinks this a bad idea. Part of me thinks I'd get 8 hours of my day back.
  14. +5 would be the cut now, I think (assuming top 70 and ties is the case this year as it was last). So +8 by the end of the day is well within reason. Come on Nelly!
  15. I have had zero issues with the new setup, especially given they're working with one less checkpoint now. I don't pay for clear, just pre check, and it's always been 10 min max since the changes.
  16. Justice is served (resoundingly) and yet the party of law and order is having a meltdown. It's like they took the blue pill and we took the red pill (political colors aside). At least I hope we took the red pill....
  17. +3 or +4 could win it (she finished +10 for the day). But my guess is shooting a 68 tomorrow, or even a 66, and she probably misses the cut and doesn't get the chance for 3 straight 68s.
  18. That same account got me on something else a while back. Fuck those guys.
  19. Per usual, boring AF. If not for the history and money involved, I'd have this up there for races to drop. On the KMag Perez incident.... KMag should have backed out, I think it's mostly on him and probably penalty worthy. But Checo knew he was there - or he checked his mirrors and saw.... Nothing? Checo could have given him room knowing full well if he didn't, it was likely game over for both. Then again, maybe he'd rather crash out instead of white knuckle racing between metal barriers where either any mistake will bin you and the car or you're likely not passing anyone anyways.
  20. Why do you want an all Titleist bag? I love Titleist clubs but my 2015 Cobra ForgedTecs perform close enough to brand new T150s. Are the T150s better? Sure. But not $2k+ better and I was damn close to pulling the trigger before my rational side kicked in. I play a stupid amount of golf, probably more than most on this thread so I go through clubs and entertain this decision often. If you're, self admittedly, not that good, spend on lessons instead. I'm betting that's a better use of funds than going 100% Titleist.
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