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  1. That is an excellent list. I’ve also never heard of Avenue B. I’ll have to check it out on my next trip back. I miss a few of those places.
  2. I’ve had an Away Bigger Carry-on for five years and I’ve beat the shit out of it with weekly travel. It’s still rolling smoothly and is unscathed. The Away coat bag accessory is a very good addition as well.
  3. The best breakfasts in the free world occur daily in New Mexico at various establishments. I need a road trip.
  4. Good times at Dry Creek. One of the best times was a show by Damon Bramblett on the top deck at sunset and a perfect weather early November evening back in 2012.
  5. I thought the fly fishers on this thread will enjoy the following tribute to Dave Whitlock. The local Trout Unlimited chapter here in Tulsa, voted last night to change their official name to the ‘Dave Whitlock Chapter’ by a unanimous vote. The video tribute to the late Dave Whitlock was shown last night: Dave was a wonderful, incredibly talented man.
  6. Congratulations from a Sooner my Longhorn compadres! One hell of a win that you all will remember for years.
  7. I’m jealous. Both my kids have us knee deep in high school sports activities, so no opening weekend for me. Hopefully I’ll make it back down to Shackelford County to bust some of my buddies culls or does in Nov-Dec. Plan on hunting Osage County in Oklahoma gun season. Living vicariously through you guys until then… I miss the old prickly pear and mesquite country.
  8. We had a lease out by Throckmorton years ago that was infested by hogs. One of the guys shot this hog close to dark and we decided to let it lay as it was a Saturday night and a big game was coming on, so we ran back to camp to watch the game (old school days - generator, TV, DirecTV satellite dish in concrete in Home Depot Homer bucket). We returned to pick up the hog about three hours later and there was nothing but bones. Picked clean.
  9. 2023/2024 Season secured. 25 lbs. from local grocery store that does roasting all through August at various stores. Pro tip - pick up a couple boxes of quart size ziplocks.
  10. I’m ordering live tapeworms on Amazon Prime, stat. New fad? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.
  11. MalibuSheriff


    Saw this thread pop up and list some of my old favs in Austin, namely Via 313, Homeslice, and Marye’s in my old hood. Not pizza and it’s been a while since I’ve had one but Little Deli used to make the best Italian subs west of central Pennsylvania. Hopefully, they’re still badass and if so, you shouldn’t miss their Italian sub.
  12. Thought some of you might like to see this home. Frank Lloyd Wright designed home for sale here in Tulsa. https://www.trulia.com/p/ok/tulsa/3704-s-birmingham-ave-tulsa-ok-74105--2108776670
  13. No worries. The photo looks like dry hands but my kid’s hands were wet each time. I’ve pounded that in him at a young age. Only had one net, otherwise they would have all been netted in the water but you have to do your best running to an excited kid catching his first cutthroats. RMac - yes, chile rellenos at Orlando’s for the celebratory dinner. I’m always a Christmas order but believe I actually prefer their red Chile best.
  14. We caught all the trout on Rio Grande Kings, Lime Trudes, Sparkle Duns, and X Caddis that I tied last winter. We probably could have caught even more fish with hopper-dropper but in cutthroat water, I only fish dries. The little Rio Grande cutts will bite anything but they have to be one of fastest takes in fly fishing. If your hook up rate is 50%, you’re a world class angler. Mine was in the teens. New Mexico Fish & Game has done a fantastic job in recovery efforts with this fishery. If anyone is interested, PM and I’ll give you details.
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