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  1. Thanks! I’ve got Jene Hughes book on the Iowa Driftless but I’ll definitely hit you up when I get a trip in line. I was thinking about one this Fall but this damn work seems to be getting in the way. Beautiful country up in your neck of the woods!
  2. Dayummmm! I’m marking St. Olaf down as I want to trout fish up in the Iowa Driftless some day.
  3. Made this recipe (double portion) last weekend for a group and it was outstanding. First time I’ve cooked Tex-Mex rice correctly.
  4. Bullshit non-call safety cost you guys the game. Hook ‘em from a Sooner.
  5. Face mask! These refs suck donkey cock.
  6. That’s bullshit and I’m a Sooner. That’s a damn safety!
  7. I’d recommend looking on EBay for older rods - 590 in the following models - Sage XP, Sage SP, Sage RPL, Winston IM6, Orvis Western. The fit and finish in those models is excellent. Most have probably been sitting in their tubes in someone’s closets for years. Not 9’ but the old Fenwick fiberglass fly rods are outstanding with the FF79 being one of the best dry fly rods ever made.
  8. Here you go man, straight from The Feast of Santa Fe by Huntley Dent: We’ve developed the habit of alternating our Texas Chili with this Green Chile Stew recipe in the winter. The Huntley Dent book is full of great recipes like this Green Chile Sauce and dozens of others:
  9. I haven’t been there myself but have heard good things about Jimmy’s Roundup Cafe in south side of OKC (not far from airport). CFS looks awesome on their Google reviews: The place in Noble is supposed very good as well.
  10. Yeah. That was something new for me but makes a lot of sense for cooking for a large party. The hush puppy had onions and jalapeños in the cornmeal and best I could tell were formed with something akin to a pastry icing bag. Okie engineering.
  11. Mmmmmmm. Fried catfish. Not the best I’ve ever had nor the finest presentation or accoutrements but the Friday special of fried catfish and fried okra at a tiny cafe in downtown Bixby, OK hit the spot today (all for a whopping $9.50): My fat ass will return here…
  12. That sucks. I used to hit that place up when I was out in Lakeway/620. RIP Frito Bandito:
  13. My buddies in Encinitas have been killing the yellowtail lately. Some big tuna offshore as well.
  14. Do a Google search for “frozen roasted green chiles” and there will be dozens of sites in New Mexico that can ship next day or 2-day air. Here’s one out of Roswell where there’s quite a bit of chile grown and the prices aren’t too outrageous. I haven’t ordered from any, so no past experience to offer: https://gravesfarm.com/product/frozen-green-chile/
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