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  1. Hello from Tallahassee. Watching this one like a hawk. Generac generator fired up today. Husqvarna chainsaw did not start. So pretty standard FL storm season
  2. So I think I'll put this here. I got a Guns & Ammo issue with a 28ga auto shotgun on the cover. Is it possible that the gun industry is totally tone deaf to its customer base? I haven't seen a box of 28ga shells on a shelf more than once in the past two years. Gun owners simply cannot go out and shoot like they did before the shortage. Regardless; the industry continues to promote new, even more rare or hard-to-get products. Seems like there's a major gulf between marketing goals and customer base reality.
  3. I went with a Gemtech Tracker 30 in almost the exact same situation. I like it. Didn't blow any additional money thinking I'd be screwing it on a M60 or anything. Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
  4. Saw this on the YouTube last night and I think I like the Springfield version better. Thinking that when Springfield comes out with a stainless version it'll be a "take my money" moment.
  5. I sell frequently. Get rid of stuff that isn't getting shot and acquire cash for the ever-evolving wish list. Off the top of my head I've unloaded two Beretta 92s, a 1911, two modern, Savage bolt action deer rifles, and a Winchester 1300 riot gun that I personally owned. I am the only one in the family with a large safe so I have also unloaded a Savage 99, Winchester 94 and Remington 760. With prices the way they are now it just makes sense to get rid of stuff that's just taking up room or not getting used for whatever reason. I also ran through the ammo locker and sold about $250 worth of unopened boxes of ammo that I had no plans on shooting. Biggest impediment for me has been Facebook's gun ban. We had a local FB page that was essentially a gun market. It was a great resource in hindsight and I really, really mis it.
  6. How much are you looking to get for the 2019 F350 trade-in Johnny? Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
  7. Nothing on the work calendar for days. I have two boats out back full of gas, batteries charged. Grouper season ends on the first. The wind is: [fill in the blank] Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
  8. We're out of my comfort area with this one. Maybe Armybrat will know Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
  9. What's on the muzzle of the sporterized remmie on the right? Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
  10. I used Bob's to sell a Milgauss I wanted to replace with something else. No surprises. No complaints. Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
  11. It's a Florida style bay boat. Unprotected water is "at your own risk"
  12. OK so "this ain't no bullshit" I went fishing with three buddies the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We were about 15 miles from the nearest point of land in the GOM offshore of Taylor County, Florida. Saw a "log" about 150 yards from our spot. The "log" was looking weird in the water so we decided to idle over. We found a boar hog "deader than Elvis" just floating around. Didn't see any bullet holes but we didn't look too hard because it wasn't daisy fresh. The working theory is that someone shot it and it ran to (or was dumped in) the river and the tides gave it a free ride out. Obviously it was November so it made it out without the wall of teeth tearing it up. We limited out on gag grouper trolling FWIW.
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