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  1. Fantastic interview regarding where we go from here. Totally worth the 1.5 hours.
  2. China appointed to the UN Human Rights Council. I just don't understand people who think the UN has even a trace of legitimacy. China is a single largest violator of human rights in the world.
  3. I went and read the piece. The quotes you are highlighting are listed under the heading "Step One - Blame China". Jessie Watters not being nervous is simply irrelevant to the author's point, which is that conservative media tried to blame China (because they're racist). Basically, they failed to even make an argument related to racism. The piece is very poorly written. It tries to demonize telling the truth, as Tucker highlights, and as I restated, which is deranrged. Tucker provided two NY Times headlines confirming their emphasis on racism. It is a failed point. Whether conservative media denied the facts because of Trump or whatever is another argument. That's "Step Two - Play Down The Risks". Tucker shows a NY Times headline from Feb 5 stating "Who says it's not safe to travel to China?". This is a week after Watters made his comment (Which if you know the show isn't to be taken seriously anyway. You do realize they discuss beforehand their positions so that they make sure they have something to argue about, right?) I think lots of media were caught off guard, but if you said there were more in the "conservative press" I would have no argument with that, although again. I don't think they made the argument persuasively though. Citing Limbaugh and Hannity is technically media, but it isn't news reporting. Anyway I don't question the point, but it would have been useful to cite the Times' own lack of concern. Steps 3 & 4 basically say the media politicized it. Which I have no doubt is true. Especially Limbaugh et al. The NY Times ran a headline "The Road To Hell Was Paved By Evangelicals" and "Let's Call It Trumpvirus". The bottom line is the Times is attacking conservative media for downplaying the virus. Which, no surprise, it's a hit piece on conservative media. This was reported as news, not opinion. Given that (Thanks to Tucker's piece) we know the Times did everything that everyone conservative media did, what do you conclude the significance of the article is? What should a person take away from the article? My own conclusion is that you would not have a fair and balanced understanding of the issues if you did not watch Tucker's story. How would you have known that the NY Times actually did what they are accusing others of doing? You need to watch both sides, or else you develop an extremely warped, evidentially unsupportable viewpoint.
  4. "The French "betrayal" and the axis with Berlin" https://it.insideover.com/politica/il-tradimento-francese-e-lasse-con-berlino.html?utm_source=ilGiornale&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=article_redirect Stay at home extended until 16 May. Debate over making masks mandatory is expanding. I was given a mask when I went to the grocery store the other day. I've got two that I've been saving, cheap and disposable. I also kept the grocery store mask. They have a textile industry, I would think they could make millions. Manufacture, or maybe distribution, is the bottleneck. Deaths steadily declining, so I look forward to getting out of jail before any of you fucking goofballs. But still not anytime soon. I think it will be all mask, all the time, in public. Contact tracing. Olds and immune compromised still quarantined. Obviously that's where this is headed, including in the US. But Italy is uniquely old, like really old. Inverted pyramid old. Demographic suicide old. This is the boring part of the virus. There's no more interesting stuff, besides waiting for people to die, which is horrible. It's not shocking to hear about how you can't have funerals anymore, it's just fucking sad and horrible. It's just the grind, and shit got more horrible. And you have to fight the good fight. Six more weeks of this I think. It's brutal, it's a deep psychological attack, and I'm on the good side of this equation. All the stresses that people have, everything's doubled down. It's like going to Mardi Gras with you're 19 years old, except now you know the consequences. People will start to live truly for the moment, not thinking as much about the future or what is right or best. Looters get lootier. Angry drunks will get angrier, wife beaters more violent. Truth gets truthier. Horrible wives get more horrible. Maslow's Hierarchy is in effect. Needs are more basic, more primal. Anger is more at the surface. Italy is different because it's old, and not to be mean, but they don't fight back as much. Still, it's different. Fear is palpable. As is the rebellion to a small extent. Now is the long haul and the grind. Preserve what you have.
  5. Not at all. There is a certain kind of stupid built it to the training. I had an NCO who was highly regarded. Er, well, perhaps I should say he was well thought of. He couldn't meet mission because he ran out of a particular consumable item. I had to literally drive him to Wal-Mart to buy more. I've sent enlisted to Home Depot with a wad of cash to buy machine parts. The total lack of initiative is maddening to me. It's how enlisted in particular are trained. The upside is that military tend to have better focus and preparedness. But it's an ethos, it has drawbacks. It is what it is. Officers tend to think differently, but I have tremendous respect for enlisted, especially senior enlisted.
  6. I'm not sure what you're saying. The NY Times is accusing Tucker et al of telling the truth. Meanwhile, the Times and others lied and race baited. Tucker gives examples of this. Of course "conservative media" said Corona could not be contained and China was not to be trusted. Those are both VERY, VERY TRUE. The Times is 100% right, they're just deranged.
  7. Their greatest need was to dock in Guam and get the sick guys off. The Japs aren't coming over the horizon. And if he had told his command "I'm docking in Guam", what would they have done? Maybe they would not have relieved him. I don't know.
  8. You shove a tube up my ass and you can run all four burners. All natural and sustainable!
  9. Will it sear a steak? I didn't think so. Checkmate bro!!!!!
  10. He had other, reasonable, choices which didn't involve insubordination. His commanders were aware of those circumstances and made a decision. He had a duty to follow orders. Or he could have resigned. Or docked the ship somewhere, disobeying orders. He had choices, and he chose insubordination. Which may have been worth it, I don't know, but you aren't making an argument that it was.
  11. In your world, purposeless virtue signalling is a great and glorious achievement. Indeed, it is the Rosetta Stone of your existence. In the real world, it gets people killed. I don't want a commander who abandoned their ship in its time of greatest need.
  12. Yes, that was his intent. It was to embarrass the Navy into doing the right thing. What he did was insubordination, none of this is up for debate, the only question is whether it was worth it.
  13. How did he help his sailors? I'm saying I don't think he did anything except sink himself. Now someone who doesn't care is in charge. And he embarrassed the Navy.
  14. Teddy Roosevelt Captain was relieved of duty. I kind of think he was an idiot even if his bosses were morons. Stay at home extended in Italy to May 16. Six more weeks minimum. Gonna be massive, countrywide riots before that date.
  15. Killing myself with a kettlebell may have been the best thing I ever did. Literally every muscle hurts.
  16. A veritable Pantheon of lunacy........... I predicted we'll have a vaccine in the fall and there is no risk to college football and bad things will happen in Europe (over time) and I repeat them here. Everything's pretty normal by midsummer, except maybe we're all wearing masks and old people can't go out. The revolutions come later, but come they will. Europe will be devastated, US will recover, nipple rings for everyone.
  17. Inflation is inevitable. Like a pandemic, the only question is how best to prepare for it.
  18. 4 Million are partially or completely unemployed in France. That's equivalent to 20 million in the US, roughly. https://www.thelocal.fr/20200401/chomage-partiel-how-to-access-temporary-unemployment-in-france Spain unemployment was 14.2% in OCT 19. Only has 300k reporting unemployment, however, 800k "stopped paying into social security". Of course this is only the first wave of bad things to come. It's worth nothing the France GDP is 15% lower than 2008, and Spain GDP is 20% lower. European economies are fragile, slowly shrinking, highly regulated, and heavily indebted. Although to be fair, money just falls from helicopters these days. I mentioned in the market thread, it is important to realize that governments don't have the power to print money the way we do in the US. The discussion nowadays in the EU revolves around "Eurobonds", or the newly names "Coronabonds". Of course, the northern countries are refusing to subsidize the southern countries overspending. And borrowing is very limited for places like Italy, which already had debt to GDP over 140%, and will likely see closer to 200% after this. Il Giornale's headline currently states ""Now sell Italian securities.The attack order from Berlin." There are stories about city mayors and others who normally fly the EU flag (they're everywhere) taking them down after Italy asked for help from the EU and every single EU member refused. Italy's economy is down 20% from 2008 and unemployment was recently 9.7%. Limited reports of mafia activity and food riots down in Sicily, so, situation normal down there.
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