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  1. Boys, it's game day. Fuck Oklahoma. That is all. \m/ HOOK'EM!!! \m/
  2. Let's go boys!!! Sent from my SM-S906U using Tapatalk
  3. Welcome to Austin, Arch!🤘
  4. I have a pair of those Lucchese sunset ropers. Nice boots. That said, I agree with JSB and Sam Elliott.
  5. Bought tickets today for Jason Isbell at Red Rocks on August 1. I know he's coming to Austin right after that but it's going to feel really good getting out of the Texas heat. And this will be my first time seeing him live after two aborted attempts. Here's hoping third time's a charm.
  6. Beans are great quality, great value. Same company that makes Rios of Mercedes and Olathe. I'm not a big square toe guy but I got a great deal on a pair that I couldn't pass up. They are one of my most comfortable pair of boots.
  7. Nephew is USMA class of 2015. Go Army, Beat Navy!!
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