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  1. I think you quoted Bobby almost verbatim, but he ended the sentence with “etcetera, in my opinion.”
  2. Kinda true for mornings. June is great because the sun comes up out here by 5:15, so you can workout, hike or do whatever early and it’s not too bad. I know guys that will have played 18 holes by 9:30. With that said, the summer sucks and there’s no way around it. My biggest issue with it is actually nights. Days are consistently 108-115. That wears on you but whatever. The thing is, the temp is still like 98 and will feel like over 100 at 9:00 or 10:00 pm. So you don’t get a break from the heat when the sun goes down. That’s what I really hate. And nights don’t cool into the 70’s until around Halloween. We’ve been here 9 years. It’s not a bad place to live. If anything it’s kind of an easy place to live. I don’t love it and want to get back to Texas, but there are a lot worse places. I will say that you’ll never see a more beautiful sunrise or sunset than in AZ. NOMAAA isn’t wrong about the drivers.
  3. Same. Let me know what they say.
  4. Coupe of other thoughts on merchandise: 1. The merchandise building is a little overwhelming. You're going to be shopping with what feels like 5000 other people jammed in there with unlimited options on shirts, caps, sweatshirts and literally everything else you can think of. Have a list of people with sizes you need to buy for. You'll end up buying more, but make sure you have your must buy list with you. 2. They have shirts hanging on hangers in the middle of each room and you'll be tempted to grab those for ease. Don't. Decide what shirt you want and then go to the counters where you'll get the same shirt but which is folded in a beautiful clear plastic Masters bag. Much easier to pack and much nicer to give to friends/family than one on a hanger. 3. They have mini merch stands around most of the concession areas on the course with limited selection of caps, flags, t-shirts and stuff like that. If you forget somebody or, like me, decide "you know, I need another three caps and a couple of flags for the hell of it", they're very handy so you don't have to wait in line for the main merch building after you've been in there. 4. The line for the merchandise building is always long. It's like a Disneyland line for a popular ride on a holiday weekend. I wouldn't look at the line and say "we'll come back." Get it over with.
  5. The north gate is the better entrance and will funnel you by the range and then merch store. It's not a tent - it's a beautiful building. They allow you one re-entry each day, so we always take our merch back to the car. You can also ship it onsite if you want. Definitely go first thing and get it over with. Other random thoughts: 1. If you're going with buddies or just more than one person, be sure and wear a wrist watch and pick a "when we get separated meet here" spot. It can be really easy to get separated - especially around the clubhouse - and you won't have your phone to text/call. 2. Spend time around the big oak tree by the clubhouse. It really is cool. Since you'll be there Tuesday, and if you stay around basically until they kick you out, you'll see a lot of the past champions under the tree before the Champions Dinner. Last year we just stared at Scottie and Crenshaw talking for 20 minutes before the security guard politely told us that we didn't have to go home, but we had to leave the premises. 3. We walked down to Amen Corner around 5:15 after all the players were off the course. It was the most beautiful and peaceful time I've ever had on a golf course. It was awesome. Just soaking in the beauty the course at that time of day was spectacular. Have fun. It's the best.
  6. Fun fact - if it was up to the bowls, they'd require the participating schools to contractually buy way more tickets than they do now. As it is, the bowls enter into contracts with conferences - not individual schools - and the conferences are the ones who have limited the contractual requirement on ticket allotment at the request of their schools. Most schools lose their ass on ticket allotments, which is why conferences pushed back on ticket allotment numbers and reduced them to 13,000 (from 17,500) during the last round of contract negotiations in 2014 for the New Years Six bowls.
  7. At least as it relates to bowl games, neither the bowl nor the schools get any percentage or cut of resale fees.
  8. Each school gets 20,000 tickets for championship game.
  9. I start watching when Spieth and JT are 2 up and Spieth turns into a 14 handicap. I'll go back to work now.
  10. Forster's "attempts" at saves during PK's were laughable.
  11. Good summary of how players can automatically qualify for the Ryder Cup this week. Scenarios for players to automatically qualify for the U.S. Ryder Cup Team at BMW Championship
  12. Former TCU coach Gary Patterson Takes in NMSU Practices
  13. They mail them about three weeks before the tournament - or at least they did last year. Your friends will be fine getting in.
  14. So great! Canadian Open deserved that finish.
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