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  1. Indeed, it’s almost time…
  2. Obligatory tell me you don't understand country clubs without telling me you don't understand country clubs. 😉
  3. CDC made the point during the town hall that it took the players too long to get to the current practice field and that they were looking for a new, more convenient location. I can't figure out where that would be, but he made it seem like they were going to a new, closer location to DKR.
  4. Tried Navy Blue in Rice Village last night. Bludorn's new seafood place. If ever there was a restaurant which screams "overpriced foodie" it's Navy Blue. Lovely place with excellent tasting food, but it's a one and done experience.
  5. test https://twitter.com/golfweek/status/1625889834857267202?s=20
  6. https://twitter.com/GolfDigest/status/1625861235727286274 Watched the first two episodes. First one is all Spieth and JT. Second one is Koepka and Scottie. Not a surprise, but my biggest takeaway so far is Koepka is a monster douchebag. Thought he might come across as more compelling behind the scenes. Nope. Awesome juxtaposition between he and Scottie.
  7. WM Phoenix Open puts on a Saturday night concert at 16 nowadays. Really cool venue for a concert. Maroon 5 (meh) and Walker Hayes (terrible) played this year.
  8. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/35581970/ou-texas-join-sec-25-exit-talks-stall-sources-say
  9. University of Houston Football's inaugural season in the Big 12 Conference will feature visits to TDECU Stadium from in-state rivals TCU and Texas...... Yep, UH confirms game not at NRG Stadium.
  10. Looks like we get to play on the road at Houston and TCU after each of those teams are coming off a Thursday game.
  11. Bumping thread.... Any thoughts on seats in the upper sections? Have not been to Moody yet, but it seems like it's intimate enough that the 200's wouldn't be too bad? Yeah, I know, depends on stage setup, but aside from that....
  12. Seen rumors that he's selling to the Saudis and it will go private. He may stay on to run it after the sale.
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