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  1. I didn't know how bad he was till I came to this thread. But after going to home games for 40 years I now can't shake it. I listened with a critical ear this last week. Could it of been all the flashing lights gen z requires to entertain themselves or perhaps an awakening sorts? I left discombulated in all manners. It's aiken to those MLB umpires who make over the top strike out signals. We didn't pay to see your antics.
  2. I stand corrected then. Neg rep me away. Bob Cole should of told us that.
  3. Why are we putting Sergio Garcia up on the godzillatron 2.0? Just cuz he is another rich asshole that moved here? He will gleefully play and or root for the euros in the next Ryder Cup. Who decides what we put up on that screen? We had that 3m tribute to t Boone Pickens and really nothing for cedric when all that happened. I'm also starting of thinking on getting in the fire bob Cole bandwagon. He was fine when we still had a track around the field and even up to jet pack guy, but now we got drones.
  4. I saw him around 2000 at this Longhorn Club Tailgate event before an early game. Nobody was really there so it was like a private show, albeit at 10am IIRC. He was a pro. Saw him multiple times after that. Will be missed
  5. Hope what I see on Twitter ain't true. I come to surley to fact check and don't see anything. Tell me I'm wrong. https://twitter.com/galleywinter/status/1700984351578792239?t=Pr8dm5JGk6K00-WQ88BTKg&s=19
  6. Hope what I see on Twitter ain't true. I come to surley to fact check and don't see anything. Tell me I'm wrong. https://twitter.com/galleywinter/status/1700984351578792239?t=Pr8dm5JGk6K00-WQ88BTKg&s=19
  7. Funny i came to the San Antonio thread to find out Hyatt Fajitas in Austin are back. Is Fajita Junction back too?
  8. Not going to try to put down sod in the backyard again. Can't get it to grow so I'm getting some estimates on turf this week. My only reservation: pets. We have two medium sized dogs, but everyone I know who has turf and dogs say its not a problem. It's not a huge space, maybe 400 sq ft. I'm hearing $17 a sq ft installed?
  9. Just to confirm, this is the place in the Hyatt, correct? Not some upstart called "Hyatt Fajitas"? Would be great if true as I consider them the gold standard in fajitas.
  10. The NW rotation starts at Buddy's and ends at Balcones CC From Buddys heading North Highland Lanes Lebowski Bar Trudy's Pluckers Bon Aire The Tex Mex Place with the Cheesecake Factory 12" thick menu C - Hunts - Gone Detour Make the loop to hit the Hideout and Riata Bar and Grill - bring back the rajun cajun sandwich BB f-ing Rovers is why I made this post. better than all the rest and why I decided to reply to this post. Getting into the 100 club, all the different taps, good people, best fajitas since the Hyatt. BBQ Pizza was transcendent then Balcones. thats another post
  11. Its good, but I don't know if I would call it Cajun. It's a chain, and more of seafood boil place. i.e. you pick crab, shrimp, etc and they bring it out in plastic bags. The bar looked cool, plenty of TVs and overall nice atmosphere. They have traditional fried seafood offerings and I partook in a shrimp po'boy. Asian influences in in the food and some decor, for example you get "house chips" when you sit down. They're similar to shrimp puffs or toasts, etc. It's not quite the Vietnamese / Cajun type place like a Deckhands (outstanding BTW). In the pantheon of Austin seafood joints that are not "super nice" here is my rankings: 1. Deckhands. 2. The Boat (previous Sam's Boat) 3. Pacific Star 4. Hook & Reel 5. Catfish Parlour 6. Quality Seafood
  12. Great thread. I've had a 2019 Forrest River 19.5 No Boundary for a few years. Haul it with the Ram you see, no weight distribution bars or anti sway hitch. I had the dealer add a trailer brake controller before I took delivery. I've taken it all over Texas but also California, Colorado, South Dakota without much drama. The worst is when its real windy, I get pushed around a bit. I've had a few mishaps emptying the black tank, but if you don't get a little black water on you at least once are you really and RVer?
  13. The one in the grey tank top that kept yelling "we're all here to see john mayer!!!"? On the lawn, left of center? I was right there all show. Small world.
  14. We're not far off when it comes to secrets management from the days of post it notes on your monitor with passwords. Come to think of it, post it notes on your monitor is more secure than where most credentials are stored today. At least with post it notes you would have to gain access to the building (or now someones house). When this is studied I think we will find the vulnerability exploited was some long lived credential these guys found. Maybe six months ago a vendor got access to a DB to do XYZ for a week and that credential just lived on and got out. Y'all want to come to my webinar?
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