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  1. The 3 game mini plan was a pretty good deal. Section 1
  2. I’m talking about his play on the field......not offers
  3. Not sure why people say King was a late bloomer. I’ve been watching him in Longview and he’s been kicking ass from day 1.
  4. I’ve done a couple dozen on my Traeger. 180 degrees for 12-15 hours then wrap it and put it in the oven at 195 for about 10 hours until internal of 200
  5. Flexhorns

    Getting old sucks

    Try having a stroke at 43...... yeah it sucks
  6. We need to get Longview’s QB Haynes King!
  7. It was by far the quietest stadium I’ve ever been in. I constantly tried getting the fans into it and it was useless
  8. 1937 State Champs. Feels like yesterday
  9. $174 handling charge on my two tickets. I got raped but oh well
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