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  1. Cleo McDowell


    Worth it for Tommy’s tacos though, those things are so damn good.
  2. 6 so far, he's done. Biggs, Buck, Burchett, Crane, Gaetz, Good
  3. Only the official bird of Houston!! https://houstonaudubon.org/newsroom-archive8.html/article/2019/09/24/bird-of-houston-press-release
  4. I think so, my wife called to make the appointment. She called in the morning, not super early or anything, probably like 9am. She got an appointment made for our kid 11 days out, so three days before the refundable ticket date.
  5. I just did this. 1 book a refundable international flight in 14 days 2 follow the instructions here: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/get-fast/passport-agencies/dallas.html Can usually get the passport the same day you go to your appointment 4 cancel refundable flight, and feel better knowing you didn't wait til the last possible second to get a passport
  6. You could be early? you've been predicting $90 oil since January (with certainty) and that still hasn't happened...
  7. Question I'm hoping someone can help with. This is on a boat dock, everything else appears to be cut correctly except for this one hip rafter that's like a foot too short. How big of an issue is this not going all the way to corner of the overhang?
  8. I don't know much about this, is it the cleanest even when factoring events like the Horizon oil spill, and if so, how often could you have a similar spill and this still be the case?
  9. Diboll is the worst, I'll also add Tatum and New Summerfield in East Texas
  10. got this the other day with Verizon
  11. New John R Miller album released yesterday, the whole thing is great. Here’s an older live version of one of the songs on the album
  12. JM updates found on The Granary's Instagram page. Shocker, I know.
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