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  1. Weren’t they also waiting until the departing 10 were gone before they made any changes? I believe it avoided the departing schools from grabbing a share or blocking any deals. Changing the CFP mid-contract does require a unanimous vote.
  2. It was even better 30 years ago, so I have heard.
  3. Texas 49 Washington 31 Penix 4 TD, 2 INT, 290 YDS, 4 SACKS, 26/40
  4. Well, we could have won in DKR last year but I'll take win this year.
  5. aggy won't want to be there so don't be surprised when they get mudholed ya sip
  6. I thought 2023 was Embrace the Hate Tour
  7. I hate that they won't have that 13th data point.
  8. I think he meant the 17 plays, but who knows with these announcers
  9. Maybe it should be "didn't offer R.C."
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