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  1. When you rate 8-12 out of a 100, then it’s an automatic benching. Time to try someone...anyone else. Christian Jones does not belong.
  2. Nothing to correct. Had the correct play been made, OU would have been forced to pass the ball on the next play. Simple logic. Really not much to debate about it.
  3. I’m not trying to put the loss on him. But that play lead to the next, which was a TD run, instead of a pass play from outside Fg range. mind-numbing decision to not push the TE out of bounds. I agree that he is a good play on a bad defense, but that was pitiful.
  4. I’m not saying Cook isn’t having a good season overall. I AM saying he made a huge mistake at a critical time in the game. Shouldn’t have happened. He isn’t above criticism.
  5. It’s dum that the defender gave up on the play & conceded 10 more yards putting OU in FG range. The fuck do you know about football? I guarantee you are WAY behind. Fucktard
  6. Why do we fair catch KOs at the 8 yard line, but return ones 8 yards deep in the EZ?
  7. Doing good work does not excuse him from assuming the TE was gonna run out of bounds. If put them in FG range & gave them the luxury or running the ball on the last play.
  8. Anthony Cook. About the only time I noticed him all game. Chance to keep them out of fg range & force a pass on 3rd down. instead gives up on the play. Embarrassing
  9. 4th & 1 with a new QB and BJ Foster absolutely whiffs on a pedestrian tackle leading to a 66 yard TD. That was when the momentum shifted.
  10. And why didn’t he push the TE out of bounds in the second to last play of the game? If he pushes him OOB, then OU is still out of fg range & has to pass on 3rd down instead of running to setup the fg (which turned into a TD). I guess he just assumes the TE was gonna run OOB? That’s pitiful. How you let that happen in that situation is astoundingly bad.
  11. You assure me? LOL. You’re takes from the this game are as bad as our defensive effort today.
  12. We’re lacking more than that. Lacking edge talent, plus linebacker talent (outside of overshown), and lacking safety talent. BJ Foster is a bust. Absolutely brutal today.
  13. Texas loses no momentum??? LOL you’re a bitch. This COULD have been a big boost in recruiting. Instead it’s same old same old. The worst collapse I’ve seen, & I’ve seen a bunch of them.
  14. Surely there have someone...anyone that can play LT to finish out this game. Jones is beyond bad.
  15. All true. We need a major talent upgrade. ESP in the front 7.
  16. Christian Jones #70 sucks major ass at LT. The entire offensive & defensive fronts need major upgrades. What Bijan is doing behind this line today is incredible. Defense looks SOFT.
  17. In market for pellet grill. Max budget is approx 2k. Looking at Pitts&Spits, Gator Pits, & Rec Tec. Any advice? Mainly smoking & grilling meats
  18. Ingram is slow. Roschon is around the same speed but tougher, smarter, better blocker. All around better RB. ROSCHON & Robinson should get the bulk of the carries. Ingram is not the answer. Now on defense? LOL. Good luck with that mess. LB play is bad. Walk on is our best gl football player at LB. 4 & 5 star DBs giving 10-15 yard cushions? Why? Why play soft coverage? Where is the run defense? Commit an extra man to the box & let the DBs go compete.
  19. This team is woefully under-coached. It’s sad. All phases. And head coaching is a joke.
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