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  1. That the usual suspects haven’t shown up yet is….interesting.
  2. 400 Conejos Oaxaca Mezcal was worth the pickup. Dos Hombres and Del Maguey were rather medicinal/flat out nasty tasting. Conejos was dangerously smooth with the right amount of smokiness. Abandonado Anejo is terrible. I’ve been a fan of their reposado but this Anejo has been sweetened so much it’s only worthy of being used in a margarita. Absolutely undrinkable neat. Toro De Lida blows it out of the water in my very unprofessional and uninformed opinion.
  3. Y’all go ahead and get ready for Angel to find a way to inject himself into this series from the field. He isn’t going to take kindly to being roasted on social media for last night’s horrible performance. Before this series is over I’m guessing we see at least one absolutely atrocious call that results in at least two ejections.
  4. Of course Leody kills it. At this point I’m convinced he is the love child of Spy’s favorite Rangers of all time, Borbon (Judy) and Leonys.
  5. 3 straight mashed right back up the middle
  6. I mean, it’s Sydney. Good chance he gave somebody a ZJ while the store manager and his pet chihuahua watched while seated pantsless in a folding chair on the loading dock. For the record I’d probably do the same, but I hate little yappy dogs so they’d have to throw in a EW BiB to seal the deal.
  7. Since when is a giant hunting lodge in the middle of nowhere a bad thing?
  8. Need pic of the laser code to determine what year. At TW it’s most likely 2023 release which is $450-ish value secondary. If you like whiskey like I do, I would keep it and enjoy it as that’s one of the better ones available. If you need the scratch or want to trade it for something else I would value it at $450 and go from there
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