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  1. This one holds all of my bands, fatgripz, straps and sleeves with enough room left for towel, toiletry bag and clean clothes. I've had mine since 2011. https://www.westside-barbell.com/collections/bags/products/canvas-duffel-bag?variant=13958841565245
  2. I had more posts in the shaggy 2010 Rangers thread than you have on this site. Point still stands and has nothing to do with predicted kr expected Rangers success.
  3. I'd put more money on you suffocating because you forgot to breathe.
  4. I just miss the 2015 and earlier Johnny Drum wax top that was $34 out the door.
  5. 27 quality starts from our current rotation, 30 if you count deGrom. It feels like we haven't had 30 in an entire season in at least a decade.
  6. Man this game has seen some interesting action on defense
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