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  1. Nobody in Surly CR would even think about suing Greenpeace.
  2. Give me your interpretation please, because I take things at face value and I'm at a complete loss as to how a case could be made that put all the murders on fucking Cousineau. And what about Jim Moss? The guy fucking psychologically tortured a guy into speaking a completely different language but he couldn't get the "truth" out of Cousineau when he questioned him? And what about Albert? Albert saw Barry rolling a corpse into a grave right next to the grave of two other guys Barry murdered previously.
  3. He's getting off. Don't you want to get off with him? Just follow his lead and we can all get off together.
  4. Trigger warning goddammit!
  5. You might recall that Sally killed a guy. She's having a bit of PTSD over that. She's been seeing the guy all season.
  6. Can someone remind me why Connor isn't involved in the business like the other kids? It can't just be because he has a different mother.
  7. Well, which is it young feller? You want I should hide or fight? Meanin' to say, iff'n hide, I cain't rightly fight. And iff'n I fight, I'm gonna be exposed.
  8. Not nearly as much as it upsets the Football forum.
  9. Look at the head-to-head results against the most vocal whiners and you'll see what we did that upset them.
  10. Not really. The Don King character amused me. Watching Tommy Morrison act was pretty funny, too.
  11. Nah, I just don't find any of them to be all that special except for the first one.
  12. People just hate on 5 because it's fashionable. It's no better or worse than any of the rest of them outside of the original.
  13. The suggestion that expecting your receiver to actually catch your perfectly thrown pass = "relying on him to bail you out" is peak football board.
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