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  1. ... then they'll be an undefeated conference champion and will not be left out of the playoff.
  2. It's like the last 12 years just never happened for some of you. There is no scenario where they don't include an SEC team. We will be fucked out of it if FSU wins.
  3. We should have a dedicated board for tracking the portal/recruiting/etc. That would be a good place for this type of content.
  4. It's crazy what happens to this team when they get a lead. They just fucking collapse.
  5. They've been playing "Stash" from A Picture of Nectar the past few nights.
  6. That should soothe some of you itchy vaginas for a few minutes.
  7. Which is to say that we saw him at all.
  8. This! Seeing the Horns down at games we're not involved in is a thing of beauty. Spread that brand, you goofy bastards!
  9. Seems like not all of you have realized how top-to-bottom lightspeed stupid these fanbases are. The entire conference is just like aggies. They make shit up, repeat it amongst one another, and poof, it becomes truth.
  10. Folklore out of TAMU on this recruitment has Sark making a "last minute plea" and a "seven-figure NIL offer" but he STILL turned us down for mighty aggy. What can Sark do in the face of such power?
  11. I used to believe this. I still do, but I used to, too.
  12. Well come back to the TV then. Shit's trending positive.
  13. One of these is not like the others. If you're already wanting to pull the plug on Sark then I don't think you're paying attention.
  14. Horns down will be the unofficial hand sign of every school in that shitass conference within three years.
  15. You might want to take a gander at SEC Rant. They've been swallowing aggy's bullshit whole for a decade now and asking for seconds. They've all been fully indoctrinated. As one gooner poster put it: "I'll give you pussies credit where credit it's due. You have these SEC dipshits singing from your loser victim hymnal like a choir from hell." They may agree that aggy is weird, but they see us as the antichrist.
  16. Fuck that. If the team doesn't win the conference this season then Sark's not the guy, and the only smart move is to fire him and start over again. We're Texas!!!!!
  17. This is one debate where the kids obviously have their heads up their asses. Flat bill hats will never not make the wearer look like a dork.
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