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  1. Wait until 1-3 days before. If you have multiple strong traveling fan bases that are in one session together you may end up paying a little more than face. If not, you will probably pay pennies on the dollar. I went to Des Moines last year - prices did not really drop for the first round early session with Kansas and Arkansas in it, but for ours (which also had Colgate, Aggy, and Penn St), tickets were much cheaper.
  2. Yeah, I don’t know what the solution is - college kids aren’t going to care about the school getting fined? maybe just make them ineligible for the conference tournament? Seems harsh but I don’t know what is appropriate and also a deterrent.
  3. Looks like Filipowski may have gotten hurt after WF forest fans ran into him during their court storm…hope he is alright.
  4. The new reality of college basketball is that unless you have a bunch of HS studs coming in, you will have to hit the portal every year. No matter how this season went down, next year was going to have to be a big portal year due to Holland/Johnson leaving so late in the cycle and having to replace their spots with portal players for this year. Writing off next season is extremely premature until we at least find out who the portal players are that will be coming here.
  5. Announcer commenting on UH’s great use of pivot foot after he takes about 5 steps to score…
  6. The regular season results are something I often hear Rockets fans talk about when answering this hypothetical question, and I think those same Rockets fans are likely the large majority of people who think that this means it would translate to the playoffs. The Jazz swept the regular season against the Bulls in 97-98 (and split the previous season)...didn't exactly translate to finals success. While I do believe it would be competitive, I'd give the benefit of the doubt to MJ and company ramping it up in the playoffs.
  7. Did something happen to Cam Scott? I think it is premature to say the team is going to be bad before we see who we actually get in the portal. If the portal class looks like the group we brought in this year then yes, we will most definitely be bad.
  8. Can we save meltdowns for games where we are losing instead of one of the few very good halves we have played lately?
  9. This team is maddening to watch. I keep telling myself we have good individual players who could compete with anybody on any given night, and all we need to do is get on a hot streak. In reality, we have a disjointed, sloppy, inconsistent group who can't seem to figure out how to play together as a team and at times, we play some individuals who give very questionable effort. At this point, we are what we are - that first half last night was absolutely pathetic. I feel bad this is how Dylan and Brock are going to go out.
  10. This league is ridic. If not for the TCU game ref gift wrap, Gods gift would be 5-5.
  11. Do they do +/- stats in CBB? It seemed like the Abmas-Weaver-Cunningham-Mitchell-Disu lineup was cooking today, while somewhat sizeable leads seemed to collapse nearly instantly when Hunter and/or Shedrick were in.
  12. Saw Eagles at Moody Center last night. Great show, per usual!
  13. This the attitude I have at this point - cross our fingers we get into the tournament and hope we get hot.
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