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  1. My bad, I must have missed it between open the upper deck chatter that I like to deride others for.
  2. Is ESPN trying to push pretty much all college hoops to ESPN+, or is the Big 12 the only conference consistently having top 10 matchups on it? Pretty ridic how many top 10 big 12 matchups are not prime time ESPN/ESPN2.
  3. I think I saw something on the ticker last night that Tennessee has 10 games with 25+ point wins, though their schedule hasn't exactly been a killer (one win over a team in the top 25, which was Kansas).
  4. You don’t need KenPom numbers to see that this isn’t the same team post-Beard, but did we really think that there would be no drop off? This team is and can still be a good team with the chance to have a better tourney run than we have had in more than a decade. Instead of focusing on how much it sucks with the what could have been, I’m trying to enjoy watching this group coming together and salvaging this season.
  5. Pathetic showing by the students tonight - there are a substantial number of empty seats. Guess they are learning from the blue hairs.
  6. I’d be interested to see if/how different those stats are if you take away the KState game - the basket was as big as an ocean for them that night. 13/24 from three.
  7. West Virginia is a 1 point favorite. It would be great to get a win in these next two before a very difficult two week slate of games.
  8. Here is a novel idea for students - show up to stand in line earlier if you want to go to the game.
  9. Not sure if this is the best spot for this as only part of my trip qualifies, but I am doing an Austrian Alps trip this summer (late July/early August) - first time over there. I'm flying into Munich and spending a couple days there, then spending a few days each in Tyrol, Lech, and Furstenau (Switzerland)
  10. It’s the refs fault OU completely shit the bed in the last few minutes and blew a 10 point lead? Not defending KU or the refs but OU shriveled up big time - that was an easily winnable game for them.
  11. What a garbage last couple minutes by OU
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