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  1. EastHorn


    I mean I always go back to a conversation I had with an ID attending in residency. We were talking about how I was the last generation or so to have “chicken pox” parties as there was no vaccine and so everyone took their turn getting it. He had plenty of examples of kids over the years with rare neurologic complications that are lifelong. While yes the total number in a population or large city I was in is small, it does highlight the morbidity (that is lifelong) you risk with that practice. A practice that was normal and even encouraged. I think the anti vax crowd doesn’t get that. Again as with COVID I just wish people could see the pain this causes and be more empathetic or open minded or smart.
  2. Sick. I was thinking of the groupset for a gravel bike. Give us a review.
  3. Well it is Europe so in that way they are like us.
  4. So I guess the caves connect to research center and it culminates in them finding the final scientist back at the research center and/or monster of underworld? I'm guessing final scene is sun coming back up? Thus the end of night country and whatever is killing people (ie. UV light kills it).
  5. I think they connect the dots to season 1. Annie has stab wounds consistent with victims in season 1.
  6. I was in a similar bind a few years ago and got a normal electric washer that can drain into a sink. It is small but at least you can clean the basics whenever you want.
  7. Yea they ain't gonna last long in retirement.
  8. I went in 2020. Museum in the stadium is cool before tip off so get there when gates open. The players have to walk across the bottom concourse to get from locker room to court so you can get close up to the players. We stayed in Kansas City and it's an easy drive. Main drag of Lawrence has some cool bars. People were chill since they expect to win.
  9. I'm just waiting for the Macan EV
  10. Tacx makes a good starter set that has rollers with a cone shape so it moves you the middle of the roller. It is just noisy if you are not in the middle of the device.
  11. Rollers are the best for real or road feel since you have to engage core and can move a little side to side.
  12. Just make all parking lots like the VA. All handicap.
  13. I like your style. Then you can listen to radio while she is in checkout.
  14. EastHorn


    Yikes. Neither one of those cities has a hospital you want to be in.
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