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  1. @blacklabdo you see now the real temperament and dysfunctional personalities that a handful of posters have that I've been trying to explain? They always want something or someone to be a scape goat, are never satisfied and will cry and be irrationally emotional about everything if you don't align the stars to their exact political and value system preferences. These are the 2% of this great website who make the CR an echo chamber by an outsized use of the neg bombing (which we've discussed at length earlier this week in another thread so no need to rehash here) and now they want to make the DT an annex of their insane fiefdom.
  2. Blacklab, do you think it's any coincidence that it's the same posters over and over (half of which you explicitly call out above) who still can't figure out how to use a message board and co-exist? Look who it is, that you are having to explicitly call out, who don't know how to use a message board properly:
  3. My daughter and her friends loved the movie but hated they changed Scuttlebutt, to your point.
  4. Between this thread and the passport bros thread, all I can do is old-man-shake-my-head in disbelief at the state of the world.
  5. Been meaning to ask, what does YGIFS stand for? Quite the departure from Lobo
  6. And I want to thank everyone for this conversation happening here, because it really is the dozen or so usual suspects who deputize themselves as knowing what's best for this community, and they all happen to be on this thread and getting to hear from the real sheriffs themselves that their necro-negging and auto-negging is harassments and not allowed, and most importantly we get to keep those from distracting and derailing the good, informative and substantial threads in the main rooms.
  7. I don't get it, is Skooma a real drug or is it a slang street name for a drug? I googled it and it seems like a fake drug in canon for video games and middle earth fantasy novels.
  8. Reasonably stated and rationally written, unemotional different opinions and beliefs and values than the majority of the board = “I hate this guy he’s horrible and deplorable!” What happened to having a little counterbalance and perspective in a variety of topics. You certainly don’t have to agree and you certainly don’t have to like it (and I don’t even care if you don’t respect it), but you should be able to tolerate such differences. I say that but the reality is half the posters are “if you vote for R you are literally a nazi” or “if you buy a Tesla you are supporting racism and a racist”.
  9. Fair enough. R.I.P. Hamster. Long Live Viper.
  10. The man who just got the Madden cover's self-promotion as senior in high school. I mean, it's definitely inspiring in an anything can happen kind of way and work hard and bet on yourself and get lucky: My name is Josh Allen, a quarterback out of a small town school in the Central Valley called Firebaugh. I currently stand a 6'4" and at 200 lbs. I have obtained a 3.8 gpa throughout all my high school years, while playing 3 varsity sports. I currently have no D-1 offers due to the competition of our school, however I have a few walk on opportunities. I led our team this year to a school record of 10-2, while breaking numerous individual records as well. I believe I have what it takes to have a successful collegiate career, wherever I may go.
  11. I reported yesterday as it was happening, in real time. Maybe since you are the Sarge and have reiterated the digging-deep-into-the-history-negging-because-trying-to-single (or triple-handedly) ban it will stop for a while, before the usual suspects are emboldened and get mad at something non-inflammatory that I say. Goodness knows I'll remember to post my NYT link next time, though. I generally get the sense that @hayden_horn is more like the cop who turns a blind eye despite knowing the law when it comes to this stuff, but maybe I'm wrong and he was busy with his day job.
  12. Nobody has ever confused me with Alvin Einstein, you know.
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