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  1. Didn’t see you bitching about Ramonce two sites ago on the way to our championship.
  2. So many whiny vaginas on here complaining of getting Mixon. U wanna win, you need some thugs. Even Vince said it before we won the MNC. Didn’t realize how many cuck betas are on here, but at least you all outed yourselves for the board to see.
  3. Went with the SA Waypoint in .308 (~2k from Gunbroker) and snagged a Pulsar Thermion XG50 from Europtic on a special at half off for $3k. Shoots great and zeroing was a breeze. Love this setup
  4. I’m not an anti-Christian bigot dumbfuck, I’m an anti-organized religion bigot. Get your fucking facts straight before you pop off and get owned by multiple people again on your own thread you worthless fat fuck.
  5. Shit. Reading comprehension always sucked.
  6. Anyone have success using WikiArms to purchase guns? The SA Waypoint I mentioned above is about $2400 at Bass Pro and $2500 at GunsWarehouse. Using WikiArms, found a few places that are selling for about $1800 +/-. Same model
  7. Should be able to get a DD MK18 for about 2k, no? Love mine.
  8. TBH, 90% of the guns I’ve purchased have been online with FFL xfers. Collectors has a great selection, for sure, but they have a significant markup compared to what you’ll see online/MSRP. Carters has been pretty solid and they can do a store xfer if they have it in the system. Otherwise, I’d check out some of the ranges like Athena, Top Gun, or Texas Gun Club and ask around.
  9. The round is fine. Haven’t loved the balance of the gun. Bolt isn’t slippery smooth. Not as accurate as I’d like (probably more me than anything else). Probably all minor gripes, but of the 10 or so rifles I own, probably my least favorite to shoot. That and my HK 416 5.56 (mostly because that rifle is heavy AF) Couldn’t edit. I use them for all my ffl xfers tho. $20
  10. I’ve got a Q fix in 6.5CM. Probably my least favorite rifle. If I didn’t already have >2000 rounds for it already, I’d probably sell it.
  11. She’s perfect. Except for that horrible tat on her ass. Would not bag.
  12. Not looking for anything “tactical”. Need simplicity. And bolt action
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