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  1. Got a chance to grab a new two tone Sea Dweller. Never owned a Rolex, only 2 cartiers before. What’s the general consensus on this model? I like that it’s big at 43mm
  2. Didn’t log on yesterday and just saw this. Exceedingly rare. Biggest risks are aneurysm formation and thrombosis that can lead to acute limb ischemia which can ultimately threaten the limb if not treated in time. The sciatic artery should normally regress by the end of the first trimester in utero. The superficial femoral artery is the dominant artery of the thigh giving off the popliteal and then the 3 tibial arteries after that. In the persistent sciatic artery there typically isn’t a femoral artery anymore. Best ways to diagnose and help with planning are with CT angiography or invasive angiography. But beware, what I do for a living (stenting diseased arteries) should not be discussed as an option for treatment. The treatment is through interposition grafts or femoral-popliteal bypass (assuming the proximal anastamosis at the common femoral and distal anastamosis at the popliteal are good targets for bypass). She absolutely needs a vascular surgeon. Oderich mentioned upstream is very good, as is Miguel Montero-Baker at Houston Methodist. good luck to your mother and please keep us informed how she does. Crazy rare case.
  3. How much did it cost you for the full PPF on the x7? how many days did it take? did they have to do any paint correction?
  4. Finally got some pics of her when clean. Lasted about 24h
  5. Picked up a fully blacked out M8 GC comp last Tuesday. Fucking love it. It has been impossible to keep it under 4500 rpm tho for the break in period. 😁
  6. 10k and put the nice side of the fence on your side and the shitty side on new development side
  7. Nearest place to you that has a Silencer Shop kiosk. Was very fast. Jail time likely 6-9 months
  8. Lol. Agreed. Everything there is marked up 20%+
  9. Collectors Firearms in houston charged $20 for a FFL xfer as recently as 6 months ago. Don’t know if they’ve gone up due to inflation but felt it was pretty cheap.
  10. Anyone have any experience with or have friends who have the BMW M8 Gran Coupe? Ever since I got rid of my M5 been itching to get another M car. Love the way the 8 looks. Need 4 doors unfortunately
  11. What’s the latest with the brace bullshit? Hold off on registering?
  12. Shooter deserves a fucking plaque and day named for him from CoH. Head shot at the end was chef’s kiss
  13. No, it’s not. You don’t get intubated and then extubated within 2 hours unless it was a self extubation. They probably have him on some significant sedation just so he doesn’t yank at his tube. They’ll reassess in the AM with a cxr and SBT.
  14. haven’t read the whole thread, but my $0.02: My (biased) opinion - something like wpw or a channelopathy like Brugada or long qt syndrome. Remember reading that’s how Hank Gather and Reggie Lewis died if true he got cpr/defibrillated, 100% chance they’d tube him for airway protection. Probably nothing to do with his presenting sign, just for protection
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