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Texas Football Podcasts, Press Conferences & Interviews Thread


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  • 2 weeks later...

Nahlin referred to "crybabies at tech & baylor" being biggest obstacles to Texas/blOU departure. Bobby hears important SEC move news next month or two (Feb 1st)

On Texas Football:  SEC Move "Getting Close" | Projected Spring Depth Chart | Longhorns | 

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8 hours ago, Park Gothic said:

Sark on Bussin' With the Boys:


Don't love the channel, but Sark did a good job. Talks a bit about the Manning recruitment and how he ended up at Texas.

Hell yeah

Plus it's hilarious how everyone has their reason to hate Texas bro

I barely remember the 1 second left Colt Nebraska game but I just think about it and giggle how corn is forever butt hurt

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Tues Livestream... Blake Munroe introduced

Texas Spring Football News & Notes | Rodney Terry Promoted | Longhorns Basketball



Posted this morning... Bobby and Nahlin

State of the Program | Texas Spring Football Position Breakdown | Longhorns | Arch Manning

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