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  1. You idiots haven't figured out that maybe Collins and Sweat are on 3rd team to test out the freshman? But any how, the initial depth chart for camp is the starting lineup on game 1. Got it.
  2. The UT BBQ event just shows all of us, who really is committed to being part of the University of Texas family. I suspect the uncommitted targets who didn't attend, probably don't want to show their hand just yet. Y'all want errrbody. Chill MFers.
  3. Name those 17 5-stars. It'll be easy to find how bad those coaches in that timetable evaluated.
  4. My 13 XTS is great. Battery located in the engine bay. To the OP, do the back seats fold down? My 2013 does. I suspect that is the best way to access the trunk.
  5. Five yrs associated with the league, is impressive no matter who it is. He reps the burnt orange, so should you.
  6. Fuck the Astros. Go Royals!
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