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  1. Stop being such a cunt & just say it.
  2. Cat looks totally Kardashian normal, where's the sextape? Y'all were correct again, this will be good. ou's always managed to shut this shit down via the cfb media, I guess they could start a Gundy family-OAN conspiracy.
  3. Next thing, they'll announce that eating vomit, grooming & slamming chicks with fists on video are not allowed either. This guy might want to check the small print in his contract.
  4. If this does not work out, I see him fitting in with ketch's crew as a 995'er.
  5. We are not in a recession. No, we are not. Can't be. Nope. Definition has changed. It has. Really, it has. Take this free bread, you're my friend. Trust me.
  6. Requires a decoder when they send it back to studio for questions but Sark is easy to root for.
  7. Canada should hire her away, we’ll somehow get over it.
  8. Dunno but same was muttered about Hale a few months ago.
  9. Tell us more. He looks 6'7 230 in that photo.
  10. I continue to believe that our soccer program should be top tier. What type of season does Kelly have to cook up to trick CDC into a new contract?
  11. I'll give him credit for gaming the system, dude should run for public office. Eat, charge 995, maintain fatness, repeat talking points while building a brand that affords him to write a book, get fatter. A few years ago he was selling security systems, not a bad hustle. I'd ask for a free copy if I were paying 247.
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