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Best Decade Ever for Futbol


Best Decade Ever for Futbol  

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  1. 1. What do you think was the best decade ever for Futbol?

    • 1970's - End of the Brazil Dynasty, West Germany, Argentina, and the Clockwork Oranje
    • 1980's - Italy win the Italian Way, First Maradona WC and Argentina win in 1986, only Dutch major trophy
    • 1990's - Romario, Bebeto, the real Ronaldo, Baggio, and Zidane. Introduction of Champions League and EPL, and the WC in the USA
    • 2000's - Ronaldo and Brazil win again, the US best WC run ever (No I don't count 1930), the arrival of Messi and the other Ronaldo, the begining Spanish dominance
    • 2010's - Real Madrid and Spain's Champions League Dominance, Man City emergance, Spain, Germany, and France WC Titles

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70’s. It was still a game for regular fans, brilliant awaydays without being shifted around like cattle, enormous terraces, European cup was just for league champions, fa cup was the biggest match of the year, only 1 substitute, pitches that were complete bogs, no moving of fixtures for television.  Brazil team of 70 and Dutch team of 74 incredibly exciting.  Only thing it was missing was 3 points for a win.

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2010s are clearly the worst other than the 2020s.  60s should be on the list as well although I agree that the 70s were probably the most interesting.  

70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 60s, 10s, 20s for me although the 90s and the 00s are very close and then it falls off a cliff in the 10s.


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