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  1. That team had some badass LBs. Hardy, Howard and Rice.
  2. kegman

    Vince arrested DWI

    Obstructions are still somewhat common on cases with good facts for the defense or at least were before corona, but not every county does them. For example Dallas, Tarrant, and Denton all do them, but Collin does not.
  3. As to feeder recommendations, I highly recommend Greengo feeders. A buddy of mine from high school makes them and they kick ass. I think we now have five of them running on the ranch and haven't had any issues. They are sturdy enough that we don't even have fences up, and we run cattle. On a side note, the wife informed me that we are going to keep chickens at the house. Since fur prices went in the toilet, I haven't trapped in a while so the coons, foxes, and other furry critters are running wild. I was thinking about running a trapline this winter. Does y'all know if there is st
  4. I like it. Bob can carry the show with sports, and that allows Corby and Danny to sit back and snipe away with idiocy. The hardline was at its best when there were the two factions - Greg and Mike doing the show and Danny and Corby dumbassing around in the background. When Corby tries to carry a non comedy segment it reminds me of junior high kid giving a book report.
  5. I actually see this making cheating more difficult. I am guessing that there will be strict rules on the money and it might even have to be approved by NCAA. It will make the trans am and fed ex obsolete. A school like Texas should clean up - large fan base and the ability to hire compliance staff.
  6. Lincoln Riley loudly explains the theory behind football after every play in the stands at a Texas Football game when everyone around him grew up in Texas. He then makes fun of the drunk guy who just can’t take it anymore and tells him to shut the fuck up.
  7. It depends on what you mean by hold up. If you mean dominating then no. If you mean making just enough plays to kill more of their drives then they kill of ours yes.
  8. It is hard to pay attention to the game with the standup routine going in the booth, I am worried that Comedy Central may hire them away at halftime.
  9. 11-1 Think we beat LSU. Not sure which game we lose, but we are at little too inexperienced to not have an off week.
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