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  1. Generally the higher end robots from Polaris, Pentair and Hayward are all good. Maytronics is also good. Oh but Hayward robot that kinda looks like Dyson technology is too new to trust.
  2. It took this thread to figure that out? I kid.. I kid
  3. My Fair Lady. Yes I'm Male Go fuck off, one of my favorites.
  4. My only issue with yachtmaster is they seem too bezel dominant. Seems disproportionate to my eye. Chrono24.com is where I haunt. Looking submariner or GMT.
  5. Fuck dude. They're all fucking incompetent. Stop being a bitch. Ann Richards could rise up from the dead and run this state for 25 years and shit would still be borked. And I only bring up Ann because I got to vote for her when I turned 18. /csb
  6. Bullshit you're not trying to cr. And btw most anything the govt touches they fuck up. But you would prefer to give them more money and power as long as there's a D by their name. But u do u
  7. All of that could have been put into one post. Where did I defend it? Dipnic said "cause R r dumb" I retorted d's are no better.
  8. It's not deflection. You simply pointed out this was R's fault. Like the D's are in any way more competent. I'll take Texas electric pricing and a once a decade issue, than California pricing and annual outages.
  9. Oh and if you go see if you can get on https://palmtreecharters.com/. Request captain Sarah. We book with them 2 times each trip.
  10. We've been to St. John 4 of the last 5 years. Obviously we are fond. However, I'm hearing it's rather crowded right now. Accommodations and jeeps to rent are in short supply. https://stjohn-villarentals.com/ is good site to book. We've stayed at https://www.mulleysstjohnvillas.com/ (Bordo Mare) twice and https://www.calichi-stj.com/ twice. I wouldn't recommend caliche for first time visitors. It's up on Bordeaux mountain and the driving is.... fun! You're booking on extremely short notice. There's also a private Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/
  11. You seem rational. So not sure why you should other to post. California still have rolling blackouts do to that unexpected phenomenon called "Summer". Gross negligence or do they get a pass because of D?
  12. Go immigrate to Denmark bitch. Assuming they'll let you.
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