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  1. No sense in talking with a hate filled jackass. Sincerely hope this individual scum of human waste isn't a UT grad.
  2. Nice catch from a year ago. So jfc you're a bitch?
  3. Um no. I didn't move the goalposts. You specifically said you sent your kids to HISD and mentioned some very affluent neighborhood schools in support. I went through "HISD". Poe, Pershing and Lamar (IB). Very different than Wheatley or even Davis. Additionally it's hard to move goalposts in a first post.
  4. You took your kids out of private because you were convinced HISD was superior? And you follow that up by pointing out the great urban schools of Bellaire, west u and river oaks? Point made Dr. Lathan.
  5. Heading back tomorrow for a week. Promise to report back and drink copious quantities of rum.
  6. Dump the Dodds and flush the john.... Or has this already been done?!
  7. Fail. You send your least favorite kid to take out TO. Send third favorite to take over defense play calling duties. Hierarchy: least favorite is now a hero. Third in line is D coordinator for UT!!!! Favorite, yeah favorite will always be your favorite. And 10 - 1 you have trouble remembering number 2's name.
  8. This made me laugh and cry.
  9. Who's gonna run out there and kill this fucker before end of quarter? Fuck just glad I'm not watching live
  10. His kid's an aggy. There is an aggy astronaut. But it isn't him.
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