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  1. Builder is old school. And there's nothing wrong with that! He's also buying his equipment not from pentair, but from distribution. This is true for 90% of poll builders in Texas. He may also not realize his true cost on a 280 vs robotic. He may also not be priced right on robotic. Anyway, if you like him, his design and trust the company go for it. The only thing I would stand firm on is the VS pump.
  2. On the vs pump he's just flat wrong. On lower speeds you don't get as much water but.... yeah he's just wrong. Is he giving you the choice between jandy and pentair? That would be odd in that 99% of builders are tied into one manufacturer or another and will push you to that. They're all about equal. 280's are fine. I tend to go to robotics and dont cost builder any more than a 280 + booster + electric and plumbing
  3. Just note. The Polaris 280 and all other cleaners have been around forever. Next time you're ready to replace go with a robotic. A robotic costs about as much as 280+ the booster pump. Fewer wear and tear parts and use less electricity than the pb4 or any booster pump.
  4. Made Granny's klobasnek recipe last night. Modified slightly. Spectacular! Kolache factory is a travesty
  5. They're all basically the same. Each has their pros/cons. Make sure your main pump is variable speed.
  6. So do you see that a "lie" to the FBI must be materially relevant to a properly predicted investigation? If in the course of an interview with the FBI I state that last night I made a batch of kolache when in actuality I made a batch of klobasnek, can they throw me in jail?
  7. There are quite a few partners at Flynn's ex lawfirm. https://www.cov.com/en/professionals/h/eric-holder This is one of them.
  8. And I get you have a theory and but God help us the fbi went after Flynn to save the country from a dni compromised by the Russians.... so one of my questions was why didn't the fbi ask about it? It's an arguement not supported. Hence you're unable to answer.
  9. Amos. Don't know if you have kids but if I fucked up and the fbi was threatening to bring my kids into it I would lie to everybody.
  10. Flynn spoke with appropriate officials before and after his trip to Russia and answered all questions put to him by those officials. He didn't fill out the financial paperwork but i haven't seen anything that he lied about the trip. If this was an issue why didn't the FBI question Flynn regarding payments? What our government did was blackmail Flynn. Documents are pretty clear about that and forced Flynn to commit perjury in his guilty plea. He should have been fired. Compromised by the Russians isn't a "fact".
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