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  1. I'm hard pressed with everything, and I mean everything.... more than 20.
  2. Its obscene and not even close. The difference in a 200k gas heater to a 500k gas heater to the builder is under a grand. Only if you originally had no automation and added automation would that price be sniffing close. But that's for the 7k upgrade for heater and automation.
  3. 35k to add the hot tub is on average, fucking obscene.
  4. Find the two best looking women and ask if it would really take a million dollars.
  5. See and I always thought that your vapid schtick being allowed to continue was why we're about to be a failed state.
  6. No the warren version is to give his money to charity. Not the government. Bill agrees.
  7. So if we are going to take the lead from wealth creators like Bill, Melinda and Warren - the last place they wanted their money to go was the federal government. Or any government it appears.
  8. Soundproof the shirt out of it so you're not disturbing neighbors Signed Slimthugs neighbor
  9. First picture appears to be a line to drain the pool. The pipe opposite if the handle is closed in the picture. If you rotate 90 degrees so handle is pointing up all the water will be going to the pipe that is currently closed. My guess is that pipe going to left of the picture goes to either a p-trap that goes to sewer (and done for code reasons) or drains to street. 2nd picture is a hayward vac-lock fitting. Buy on line. 3rd picture - description I agree with but I would bark that you need to lower chlorine levels for health reasons or skin condition or something. But imo they're mostly trash.
  10. I perused their annual report and can do math.
  11. If you've got time call some local pools builders. You're amazing rendition looks like 100+ build. Have your survey ready. Elevation if possible. On fiberglass find aquamarine. They're probably largest fiberglass builder in TX.
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