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  1. It's on you. But is it power line or water line? If it's just the power running to septic see if builder's electrician can run for you. Or if you have a 6 pack electrician, that works as well. Skeptics are run by county and it's mostly bullshit and they'll fuck you like you're south Austin's mom. If it's water your builders plumber should be able to reroute as well.
  2. Lol. Not fast enough. He really hasn't explained his thought process. But I think it goes 1) far from home. 2) fun campus/athletics 3) quality degree. Of course Wake was his top school but didn't make. But at 75k yr.....I'm not heart broken. Think it's between ole Miss and Clemson at this point. He likes how econ dept is in business school and they have a +3 program to get undergrad and then JD in 6 years.
  3. Find a nice old person to give him to. If this can't be done by Sunday I'll direct you to the gun owners thread... you can probably borrow and for 1$ in ammo be done with the min pin. And feed JoJo a big fucking steak. He did right.
  4. Necro-bump Pool Jr. Looking out of state. His top 3 he's been accepted to are: Clemson, Auburn and Ole Miss. Looking business and/or economics. Possibly law post grad. Any surly wisdom?
  5. 99.99% perfect! Fuck that's awesome. Just missing BDE goddess @Nicole44
  6. All will be forgiven once you post pics of your wife.
  7. If you're going to do all that go to designer to plan complete project. Some, but not all do patio covers. You don't have to rip out deck if you stay w/acrylic ( like a kool deck). But you will for travertine. Yes you can add a spa. It's a pain in the ass, but can be done.
  8. So about 12 years ago Pool jr ( then age 6) was playing madden/Texans and even on EA they sucked ass and he was pissed. So I changed his home team to Payton/colts. He was hooked. Been a Colts fan ever since and we've joined him. (I know! csb!) So my advice is to follow anybody but the fucking Texans. Of course I stopped watching the NFL about 85 when Earl went to new orleans.
  9. So if you look about 3 feet behind you, you will see a line....
  10. Does this particular artifact have USB ports for charging Android phones? Is it possibly filled with tequila? If not tequila, bourbon?
  11. Would love to see more pictures as you progress!
  12. The skimmer close to trees I'm assuming is a venturi skimmer. Good call.
  13. In-floor systems are a fairly high margin product for pool builders. There's a ton of cost but don't think that the gp% goes down. They're putting 30%gp on those systems all day long. Plus there are fairly high manufacturer's incentive for pool builders to sell them (oh and they top sales people individually). Done right they should keep the bottom of your pool clean of sand, silt and leaves, but what's the ROI for that 6-8k? You're going on your 4th pool. If you plan on moving relatively soon again, is it worth it? And you're looking to have weekly maintenance anyway..... I'm not
  14. Take a loan out of your 401k. That's smart, right?
  15. @immamac since you have a little pull around here, can you nudge @blacklab to remove the pacifier/badge from his avatar? It's one of my favorites but the "paci" is kind of distracting.
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