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  1. No, the point of my initial post was about the error in trying to put the entirety of the blame of the airliner being shot down on Trump.
  2. FYI, this article says it was a Russian made surface to air missile that took down the airliner. So no, not lying. https://www.wsj.com/articles/boeing-jet-was-on-fire-before-crash-iran-says-11578558346
  3. I assume this guy is paid to do this, right?
  4. Accurate. Although I do not claim Trump is blameless. And you insult me on the golf course constantly by hitting down the middle every time.
  5. Absolutely. And there are about 50 other Iranian decisions that led to the airliner. But I also agree. Had he not killed Soeimani that specific airliner would’ve never been shot down.
  6. Pointing out issue in the argument that the airplane being shot down was trumps fault. I know a bunch of you are lawyers and can think of counter arguments.
  7. Sorry, don’t have one. Point was to show people can connect or assign blame to whoever they want to. Money is fungible.
  8. The error in trying to equate Dotard's actions with Iran shooting down a passenger plane is you can always shift blame. Dotard doesn't kill the General means the Iranians don't accidentally kill innocents? That's 100% true if you stop there and not think to other situations that got us to this point. What's also true is if Iran doesn't get cash from Obama means they can't buy the missiles from Russia. Or maybe if Obama, Bush, Clinton or Bush killed Soleimani when they had the chance you never end up in this situation.
  9. Nah, 'they' will extrapolate your attitude and apply it to the swing states that Bloomberg or Steyer (FUCK this guy) lose based on all the Bernie Bros
  10. The Bernie Bros are going to be blamed for Trump being reelected
  11. I will tomorrow. Traveling today
  12. Sturm's article in the Athletic today made me feel a lot better about the hire. I'm actually excited
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