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  1. I responded to Kev in the DT thread but in Dallas, I'm seeing County Judge Clay Jenkins tweet out that there are no lines at testing sites. So there might actually be decreasing demand
  2. I thought that however I see daily tweets from Clay Jenkins telling people there are no lines at testing sites. Anecdotally it seems people are not going to get tested, not that there is a shortage.
  3. this is fake and was photoshopped. Debunked in the replies to that tweet
  4. Ol Wanker is the only poster I have on ignore. I don't need a brit telling me what to think about the US or fucking football. Love Anthony Lynn. McVay sucks and his wife looks to have a touch of east texas box face to go with some huge titays.
  5. felt like a bit of a data dump. under 300 cases so that's good. Look at the graph jenkins puts out showing actual date of death. anywho, can we play golf?
  6. very similar? or exactly similar after they stole the data?
  7. if inflation rips, then yes. But thus far we haven't seen 'inflation' in the way policy makers have it defined (although clearly asset inflation has taken place). Right now, all anyone is scared of is deflation, or dis-inflation if you're a central banker.
  8. I think Durham is widely considered to be the straightest of straight shooters so I'm not assuming or expecting anything other than the facts.
  9. I guess it depends on the assumption of what is in the report. I actually think this is the same trap Comey found himself in regarding reopening the case given Weiner's laptop. If Comey didn't announce, and Clinton had won, right wingers would've screamed bloody murder about a cover up to help Clinton. I think Comey's logic was he had to announce a reopening because he was so sure she'd win. In this case, depending on the info in the report, either side that ends up losing could scream about the act of releasing/not releasing the report which could impact the election.
  10. Caddyshack "Looks good on you though!"
  11. to echo the above, we are seeing case counts decline and those will continue. Unfortunately deaths are going to plateau (hopefully) or continue up for the next week to 10 days. They won't spike given advances and shared knowledge on treatment but they will continue up.
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