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  1. Been busy all day, but spent a lot of good time with the kids on Father’s Day. She’s starting to cook dinner for us. Me: Hey, I’m gonna sit on the couch and have a beer. I haven’t seen any of the US open this weekend and I really want to watch the end of it. Before I sit down, I just want to see if you need anything. Her: No, I’m good. Go relax and enjoy the golf. Me: I just want to make sure. Because I’m about to sit down and relax, but I’m standing here right now and could be helpful real quick. You sure you’re good? Her: No worries…go! Relax! I’ve got this. Sit down, feet up, first sip of beer, leaders are tied with a few holes to go. Her: Actually….I need your help finding something. Groan, stand up, head to kitchen. Her: Nevermind. I found it.
  2. I’m sitting here trying to figure out how no fried egg ended up on this. Could’ve been a masterpiece.
  3. They killed his family when he was a prosecutor. He dedicated his life to revenge after that and worked to become the guy who could avenge his wife and kids. I guess if that’s all you thought about and worked on, in a few years it wouldn’t be impossible.
  4. Interestingly, Sam was originally supposed to be the main character of the show and they offered that role to Bradley Whitford. He turned it down because he wanted to play Josh Lyman, so then the Sam role went to Lowe.
  5. The first two episodes of Dark Matter have me intrigued. Joel Edgerton is good, plus Jennifer Connelly has still got it.
  6. Was it any good? Nothing in that picture looks remotely above average…and those scrambled eggs look flat out terrible.
  7. He replied to a tweet specifically saying it wasn’t Corby. I wonder if it’s guys on the Fan? Well don’t I feel like a horse’s ass.
  8. What the fuck are you talking about? Dan was a massive talent and very funny. The bit was funny. Gordon is a massive talent and pretty much the only funny and good part left of the ticket I’ve known for 25 years of living in Dallas. Is your position that middays and the current version of the hardline are hilarious and awesome?
  9. Dan…the funniest part of the ticket besides Gordo even today.
  10. The front window ticket sales people are just obsolete. I assume everyone gets advanced tickets and reserved seats these days, so you really only need one or two people to scan phones on the way in. I assume they have trouble keeping enough staff on hand to handle the concessions and cleaning though, that seems like a shit job.
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