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  1. Same. What did the last episode say Jon Snow was gonna be up to?
  2. This show was so fucking good. Really too bad not enough people watched it for them to get a chance to finish the story.
  3. What happened? I noticed they only posted two segments to the podcast.
  4. If someone near me brought a fucking six week old to my first viewing of this movie, and then came in and out multiple times from the concession stand…I might have fucking murdered them. Talk about a total lack of consideration for anyone around you.
  5. Actually, it’s spelled Kazansky.
  6. Wasn’t he an actual Recon Marine playing himself in the show? Pretty badass.
  7. I love these books, but I’m just not sure I’m completely sold on Pratt doing this justice. I’ll give him a shot, but he’s not quiet serious enough for me to think he can carry this the way it should be done.
  8. Padma and Gail were having a boob off at the tasting table and we were all the winners.
  9. I don't know, why don't you look it up on you phone.
  10. He's talking about "Everybody Wants Some!"
  11. Yeah, this looks….not good.
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