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  1. I saw that. He was also at a gas pump that was dispensing at a tenth-of-a-cent-per-second rate. He's a national treasure.
  2. Too tough with the kids to do it in the family truckster?
  3. Had a feeling this would be the case. November should still be a good time of the year for it.
  4. Are there estimates on how bright the supernova would be as viewed from earth? Read-a-book-at-night type levels?
  5. Good news everyone, with C. Way back in a slot we should be getting much more of the insightful 6-man football analysis that we all have been missing.
  6. Upload Google Play Music (before it gets shutdown soon) and then hope it seamlessly transfers over to the new Youtube Music?
  7. Damn, too bad I missed this. Do they do this regularly at all? Wait, do you DJ it?
  8. There is a lot to be said for this. You can have in your head about what you want specifically, but just like any family member, you end up bonding with and loving them for what they pretty quickly. Especially if it is for a family pet and not herding goats or hunting. There are over half a million dogs euthanized every year in the US. I'd hope with such an oversupply one of them could make a good fit.
  9. Felt the same. Personally, I'd love as much of the old cast together doing little else than pure dialog... almost like a 12 Angry Men type thing. It looked and sounded like a big-budget modern movie and all the good and bad that comes with it. No surprise with that, but it just reminds me how little "action" played in the success of TNG to me.
  10. American Graffiti has a great soundtrack. If I recall, it was a big part of the small budget Lucas had, but turned out to be a key part to the movie's success. Walter Murch did a fantastic job of using the soundtrack as a glue that sticks together the plots of the various friend groups. The soundtrack even has some Wolfman Jack bits it in.
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