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  1. I'm very with you on this. 1.75L of White or Black label is just fine for me and such a good value that its hard to stray from these.
  2. I was going to recommend a rescue, but looks like they have a waiting list for the local one. https://www.grr-tx.com/guidelines/how-adopt Perhaps there is another not too far away.
  3. That original All in the Family Episode is quite powerful. They did a pretty good job staying true to it.
  4. 104.9 loops for me on occasion on the Tune In app. I always thought it was the app, but perhaps its the source. Other channels are fine on it.
  5. Lower than the Gregg Henson at 1300 the Zone era?
  6. If you can find the now discontinued Chromecast Audio, they can be joined together in a group. So you can use any receiver and make it connectable for ~$35. Since this makes a lot of sense, of course Google kills it.
  7. Too bad. Have been into him and catching his Saturday afternoon show at the Continental recently and really dig his jazz-infused twanginess. A wonderful player.
  8. And reducing it from 3000 to 2800 mah in the regular Pixel. Seems like a non-starter for such an expensive phone.
  9. Love Doc Watson. His poor son Merle (in the video above) died fairly early when his tractor tipped over or something. The live recording with father and son duo is fantastic. Great work by Ken B. Just finished the series week. Nice touch that that they ended it with a picture of Mother Maybelle Carter. Also Heartworn Highways has a bonus disc with extra performances and I think some extra Guy Clark kitchen table songs.
  10. You can go back to on-screen buttons. Just search "navigation" in the settings search.
  11. If you remember the number for this, it still works sort of. It's kind of creepy.
  12. Wow, never knew about the unlimited google drive storage. Just resurrected my alumni email, signed in, and there it is. This is really fantastic. Thanks for cluing us in.
  13. The one where they go in the decommissioned Shoreham nuclear power plant is fantastic!
  14. Thoroughly enjoyed that full interview. He's far more with it than I would have expected. Different yes, but certainly an interesting conversation.
  15. The 4k version was on sale last week for 199.99.
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