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  1. Do zombies shit? Because I would be happy to swap a few hobos for zombies if it would reduce the amount of hobo chocolate I see downtown.
  2. Add any business created in the last 5 years whose name contains the word "Patriot."
  3. I bet that kid can write a great haiku.
  4. I've never understood that joke as soul food is generally the blandest food I have ever eaten. Its just salty and fatty. Dot's and Gene's in Austin were prime examples. Some of their dishes were great but none of them were spicy. Is there any African-American dish that is remotely spicy?
  5. https://www.kxan.com/news/national-news/texas-sheriff-2-dead-multiple-shot-in-music-video-ambush/
  6. I leave quartered deer with silver skin intact in garage fridge on cooling racks for 10-14 days. Then I trim off all desiccated portions, debone and freeze in muscle groups.
  7. This would be a good time for the defense to call to the stand the hoards of other people who accidentally shot their neighbors dead.
  8. This punishment evidence is going to be pretty bland. Just heard the state seeking to admit that when she applied to DPD, Guyger self disclosed that she once stole a pencil and a brownie when she worked at TGI Friday’s.
  9. He must have nerves of steel not to have shot those people who were in "his" apartment.
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