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  1. This would be a good time for the defense to call to the stand the hoards of other people who accidentally shot their neighbors dead.
  2. This punishment evidence is going to be pretty bland. Just heard the state seeking to admit that when she applied to DPD, Guyger self disclosed that she once stole a pencil and a brownie when she worked at TGI Friday’s.
  3. He must have nerves of steel not to have shot those people who were in "his" apartment.
  4. Yeah, Briscoe Cain definitely has engaged in role-play as Frodo with a much older BDSM loving Gandalf and the one cock ring to rule them all. Plus, the wife is a dead giveaway. Dead giveaway.
  5. I know people who refer to gutters as “the trash.”
  6. They really hate the 5th amendment. "If he didn't do nuthin' he should have got up err and said it."
  7. That portion of the intersection is an absolute shit hole. There are 4 or 5 regulars over there. Gandalf the Gross is pretty aggressive with his panhandlin'.
  8. I don't know what it means but it is so fucking ratchet. I fucking hate it.
  9. Yes, but she didn't. Mom is just fat, lost her balance and fell down. She looked like a turtle on its back when she was trying to get up. All of these people are related. They should rename that portion of the park Type II Diabetes Town.
  10. According to Robert Carradine, it wasn’t suicide. It was a hit by the Thai mafia.
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