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  1. That place is awesome. Great people. Fajita ranchera slams.
  2. I have never told that story. Are you slow?
  3. Fuck you Scott and shut the fuck up! You are gay and faggot.
  4. When I was voting a few weeks ago, the dude behind me called his broker. His conversation was like "hey, my neighbor said he made over a million dollars yesterday with ops or puts or shorts or whatever, I want to do that."
  5. Have we seen the end of cruises? I mean, I know the US is in no shortage of people for whom uncontrollable diarrhea is a weekly occurrence but why would you ever get on a ship again if the shits were coupled with pneumonia?
  6. You will never stop people with soft penises from eating exotic animals in hopes of huge, erect cocks.
  7. Utah says HMB https://www.sltrib.com/sports/2020/03/14/utah-ski-resorts-staying/
  8. I think its a much better option than going to a restaurant. 5 people at Dominos v 20 people inside restaurant. But that do I know.
  9. I saw it too. That guy is a fucking idiot.
  10. You would have to ask someone who thinks "frat brother" should be capitalized in a sentence.
  11. We have to start admitting students who fuck their sisters and shit in 5 gallon buckets instead of toilets.
  12. Yeah, he left high school early. He is 5'9" 165.
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