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  1. Does FitLump even know that the city council is responsible for the camping situation?
  2. He is never finishing the GoT series... https://www.npr.org/2021/03/29/982364793/george-r-r-martin-signs-new-five-year-deal-with-hbo-and-hbo-max
  3. An overview of the recent drama happening on the Court of Master Sommeliers: https://www.vice.com/en/article/epd954/inside-the-court-of-master-sommeliers-wine-exam-cheating-scandal TL;DR - People got unrequested help on the final Master's exam, whole test for that block is invalidated, bunch of people lose their Master's level, Court covers it up. I always felt the Sommelier leveling system was a bit contrived and cliquish, so I am not surprised at how its being handled.
  4. Don't think it has been mentioned here, but I installed the Octoshop Chrome extension yesterday and was able to get a PS5 bundle at Gamestop today. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/octoshop-in-stock-alerts/ahajkaoongodcmoohkcceoklokapadfh?hl=en-US You tell it what product you want and what stores to monitor and it dings to let you know when inventory is available. I'm not normally a fan of these products since they could scrape all your browsing data but it was worth it and I deleted it after i was done.
  5. Is shutting off the water to my house at the street Sunday night a good or bad idea?
  6. You may want to contact the VA for your grandfather’s vaccine. A buddy was able to schedule an appointment through them in San Antonio for his 95 year-old, WW2 veteran dad.
  7. Chris providing his take on the situation from a few years ago: The Applewhite discussion begins at 30:25.
  8. The Austin subreddit has had plenty discussions on her but the impression I got was that the media wasn’t covering a lot of her antics because it would have been mainly “slut shaming”. I think her constant need for attention over half a decade speak to her character but then again, that appears to be the norm for most politicians today.
  9. Not a naive question - you can reinstalled a known, good firmware but you have no idea what other areas on the hardware they may have left a backdoor. They could have installed a firmware that reflashed a chip that normally doesn’t get modified during a normal update. Reflashing the network gear to a known good will fix part of the problem but not the secondary chip they also reflashed/hacked. The reality is they probably didn’t do that but you can’t be certain & because these are classified networks, you have to assume they left a backdoor. So out comes all the network hardware. And they
  10. Actually- there is serious talk that if you got breached, you may also have to replace all your networking hardware. I believe the Solarwinds install required admin privileges to the networking gear (and if not required, a lot of admins gave it to them). With that access, you could install your own customized firmware. At this point, the hardware can’t be trusted & you have to pull it out & replace. I believe the majority of government agencies will go this route, if not also large enterprises that were known victims. As for Solarwinds, there was already talk pre-attack they were
  11. A few comments on this impending train wreck: A challenger seems to always have an advantage in a runoff, especially since their supporters are more likely to to make the effort to come out & vote. Just look at Cruz defeating Dewhurst. Once she made the runoff, she had a very real chance of winning. No one should be surprised about the Statesman’s shitty reporting. Armybrat might be the only one here who can remember when they last had any journalistic ability. I think she is an awful candidate & will likely do more harm than good for District 6 & Austin but she
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