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  1. Depp is definitely winning the PR battle. Sounds like from that lawyer's podcast the jury is also with him. This was never a truly easy case for him to win. The main thing he was after was he never hit her. So far the evidence is not helping her in this regard. She admitted yesterday that the piece was about him (and now other people.) The ACLU helped her to write/publish and to place the piece for the maximum publicity (timing with the release of the first Aquaman) and they admitted the piece was about him. The more she is caught in a lie or lies (as seems to be the case) the less credible she is. Whether the jury is just "over" the whole sordid bad celebrity really weird mofos thing is a factor as well. Full disclosure: Never really thought of Johnny Depp as hot. Not during the 21 Jump Street phase, etc.. I thought his best role was in Donnie Brasco. He is a huge star though and his drug and alcohol issues aside not many people who truly know him well have much bad to say about him. Again, not an easy case to win on his end but I think the damage was done yesterday by the great Camille on cross. She got Amber good.
  2. Neither witness is friends with Amber at this time. Yikes. Neither of them ever saw JD hit Amber. So…great witnesses…lulz
  3. And we’re back!!!! Finally found a stream I can follow along on…
  4. Can’t stop laughing at this shit… This is great!
  5. I wonder if Amber will wear a white suit tomorrow to dress like Camille…batshit crazy that she is…
  6. We all won except the toolsheds still supporting Amber. They are still trying to claim she’s a victim and Camille was badgering Amber and we should always believe Amber bc reasons… I know her attorney tried to rehabilitate Amber a bit ago during the Camille objection fest but as has been mentioned more than once on this site…you can’t polish a Turd.
  7. BDP types are fricking scary to deal with until you get them on the stand and everyone can see exactly who they are and how the operate.
  8. If this is an audition for more work, Camille nailed it!
  9. It’s pretty fucking righteous! I love it. Camille just crushing it.
  10. Here we go…(cuz we know she was arrested for abusing her wife/girlfriend): Dr Curry nailed her diagnosis of Amber. Narcissistic BPD. Liar. Either a victim or a princess. Never hee fault. Always everyone else’s fault. Never does anything wrong. Throws everyone under the bus. Now it’s TMZ. Everyone else is lying except her. Everyone. Jeez…she’s really melting down. I was wondering when they’d get to her arrest. Can her lawyers have any more side bars…it won’t help Amber tell the truth…
  11. This is great! It’s a good thing that the jury knows what to expect from Amber on cross since the Depp’s expert basically gave them a play by play on BPD…incredible. She just can’t help herself. Camille is just shredding her and it’s great.
  12. Camille is kicking Amber’s ass. Awesome! Sucks when your own bullshit is thrown back in your face doesn’t it Ms. Turd? Lol…
  13. She’s probably so high on any number of things she doesn’t even realize how much she’s contradicted herself. He really is lucky to be alive imo. Not an exaggeration. She was after his money and if he happened to die during a made up violent episode oh well. I remember reading that she found out on their honeymoon that he had mismanaged all his money (in a call with his agent/manager) and wasn’t worth a smidge of his $600 million…and she was incredibly vile to him after that. She wanted to bait him into a violent episode and when she couldn’t bc he’s more content with bloody finger painting and assaulting kitchen cabinets and passing out…she filed the restraining order and for divorce and kept trying to get him to break it and finally lured him into seeing her. I think she was once physically pretty but she looks bloated and creepy now. I can’t believe she has a baby. That should make anyone nervous. BDP types like her think nothing of harming others.
  14. Thanks. I did manage to see this exchange: Heard claimed Depp had grabbed her and sexually assaulted her with a wine bottle in the middle of three-days of assault from Depp in 2012. It was the same year she gave him a knife with the inscription, 'Hasta la muerte', or 'Until Death' on it. Vasquez asked the master deputy of the court to show the knife to Heard and the jury, which he did. Vasquez said: 'During these cycles of violence you gave Mr Depp a knife as a gift? Heard said: 'I gave him a knife for a birthday present early in our relationship, around 2012' Vasquez said: 'That's the knife you gave to the man who was hitting you' Heard shot back: I wasn't worried he was going to stab me with it'. Vasquez said: 'But you gave it to him?' Heard admitted: 'I gave it to him'.
  15. Can u summarize so far? Can’t watch but was looking forward to the cross…his attorneys running laps around her attorneys. Also she makes the oddest facial expressions…like, “Im making this face that is supposed to look sad so the jury will have sympathy for me but I’m not sure what a sad face really is…”
  16. How about winning, Jerruh? You fuckstick! Not that we already didn’t know this. Any publicity is good as far is he’s concerned. Damnit. Between this and showing the world his draft board…it’s sad that none of his spawn are competent to run the team…BTW, most of us fans like winning. Not reading about the owner or the team in the papers bc they are a freak show. “The foibles, the soap opera, the issues,” Jones said. “They create interest. Add in the Senior Bowl, the Combine, free agency, the draft, training camp, we always got something going. People follow us year ‘round. The owner every now and then gets in the paper. It just adds to the interest, all of it. People love that.” https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/05/17/jerry-jones-bad-news-is-good-for-business/
  17. There isn’t one. Friend is dating a guy (they are serious) and a girl this guy “dated” briefly will not let go. It’s getting very weird. Guy has already told also ran many times that it’s not happening. Even told her when my friend and he started dating out of courtesy. She won’t quit. He doesn’t respond to her texts. She waits around for him to come home around the apartment complex he lives (she lives there also) and won’t say shit to his face but hello. Then after their brief encounter (seen it happen) she’ll text him “hey want to hang out/get a drink?” Over and over.
  18. A good lawyer maybe? I have a very good friend that slept with someone a few times they acknowledge they should not have. My friend and this person are neighbors and this person won’t leave them alone. Imagine a complex of at least 500 people and this person is always around (running into them over and over like three times daily) and not in a coincidence type of way. My friend made clear that they don’t want to be with “stalker” person. And to be nice, my friend indicated that they are with someone else. My friend called stalker to explain it and mention that they were dating someone else and that would be the end of their “stuff.” Stalker person says ok and then a few weeks later asks my friend out on a date via text. Friend doesn’t respond. This happens repeatedly even though in person stalker manages to run into my friend all the time in person and says nothing. Like doesn’t ask the same things stalker says in the texts. Stalker person backs off a bit and then manages to obtain the phone number of the person my friend is dating wanting to be friends. My friend told stalker no and to not try and befriend the new person. Stalker stopped texting the new person for a while. Eventually, Stalker did. For a bit. Stalker sees my friend in person and says nothing but then texts my friend repeatedly asking to hang out. Stalker won’t say anything in person but repeatedly keeps asking to hang out. Obviously they had sex several months ago and my friend made it clear several times that that was all it was. All of us friends know that it was explained that way. Stalker person keeps at the calling and texting. My friend never replies. Anything else my friend should do????
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