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  1. I don’t plan around it but I always see more movement during a new moon. Or after a cloudy night.
  2. jofus

    Truck Nuts

    Yeah the 2019 GMC 6.2L is the only GM 2019 truck that got the 10-speed. I would’ve found a 2020 if the 10-speed wasn’t available. (The 8-speed caused a lot of body shake issues)
  3. jofus

    Truck Nuts

    So they brought my truck in from Wiesner Huntsville, which still shows some of the lower MSRP AT4’s in stock. Maybe Garlyn will make the same deal again: https://wiesnerhuntsville.com/New-Car-Inventory?Make=gmc&Model=sierra%201500&Style=4wd%20crew%20cab%20147%22%20at4&Year=2019
  4. jofus

    Truck Nuts

    They had a line on a black twin of my truck, which was actually a little cheaper since black isn’t a premium color. No idea on whether this one is still for sale somewhere. Edit: here’s a link to this specific truck: https://wiesnerhuntsville.com/New-Car-Inventory/2019-GMC-Sierra_1500-Huntsville-kZ2ahwURZkSftFPsbZIEtg The cool thing about this one, and mine, is lower MSRP with the 6.2L.
  5. jofus

    Truck Nuts

    Yes if you leave the ball in.
  6. jofus

    Truck Nuts

    Honestly it was just luck that I stumbled upon it. This dealer is Garlyn Shelton in Temple. They had one in stock I liked, so I clicked the “get internet price” button. The one I wanted had been sold, so they sent me a quote for a similar one at a lower than advertised price. They ended up bringing mine in from Huntsville. The deal was made entirely via text with the internet sales manager. The salesman I worked with in-store told me they’re working to become a volume dealer, and they’ll make a deal just to puff numbers. I tried to shop the price closer to home, but everyone told me they can’t match it.
  7. jofus

    Truck Nuts

    The ride is surprisingly smooth. Detail sheet below. They brought in a truck from Huntsville, I didn’t do a custom order.
  8. jofus

    Truck Nuts

    I went from a 4.8L 4-speed to a 6.2L 10-speed, so the difference and improvement is huge. The 10-speed is smooth, but I’m still getting used to being lifted. I like the multi pro tailgate a lot more than I expected. I thought it might be gimmicky, but it’s pretty helpful. Took the wife and 3 kids out of town for Thanksgiving, and the bed was loaded up with food, hunting gear, etc., and I didn’t notice the extra weight. I could easily tell the difference in the old truck.
  9. Relevant article: https://www.qdma.com/qdm-works-culling-doesnt/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2019-10-17
  10. jofus

    Truck Nuts

    This is a 2019 and I got $10k off MSRP. Ended up being less than the base price for the base AT4. I shopped around a lot, and this was the only dealer that went that low. (Garlyn Shelton in Temple).
  11. jofus

    Truck Nuts

    Picked up an AT4 over the weekend hopefully it’ll last as long as my Silverado did.
  12. jofus

    Truck Nuts

    I’m at 208k in my 2011 Silverado. Only maintenance repairs I’ve had to make are replacing HVAC lines and a fuel pressure sensor. I do sense it is on the cusp of becoming a money pit, so I hope to trade it in the weekend.
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