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  1. I happened to refresh Amazon this morning just as they went live, and got one there. They sold out in 5 minutes.
  2. 1995: Texas vs Virginia, Dawson's kick! This my first game. I was 9 and we sat on the top row of the west side upper deck. Still remember the silence when the kick when up, and the roar when it cleared the crossbar. Amazing game.
  3. Time for a tannerite trap
  4. At&t TV also has At&t SportsNet for any Stros fans out there.
  5. As long as they come in after the dove season opener we’re good.
  6. jofus

    Its happening

    My guess would be elevator penthouses and/or roof access. The steel isn’t galvanized, ruling out exposed steel for screen walls.
  7. jofus


    I hopped on recently to do just that. It’s a lot different without our old crew logging in every night.
  8. not many tv's do. this is more about future proofing. im just happy to get away from anything less than 60 fps. it was always so jarring to go from 60fps on halo 5 to 30fps on destiny.
  9. jofus

    Truck Nuts

    Would Microsoft block that? They could just call it the Puma if so.
  10. jofus

    Truck Nuts

    The mount looks like a standard picatinny rail, so it should be very versatile.
  11. jofus

    Truck Nuts

    The current 10-speed used by ford and gm are the same transmission. They developed it together.
  12. jofus

    Truck Nuts

    Probably a good thing to not have a polarizing alt energy vehicle like all the others on the market.
  13. Seems like a bunch of coaches could go down soon. Coaches say a lot of mean shit to try and motivate their players, and it often crosses the line.
  14. jofus

    Truck Nuts

    Ended up getting a diamondback hd. Turns out I can open all the way, and the whole thing can come off easily if needed.
  15. jofus

    Truck Nuts

    Why does that matt... ohhhhh
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