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  1. LOL...Oparah!!!. Pretty much says it all. "Your facts don't fit my narrative so you are racist."
  2. I want them to speak clearly, but with facts. You lefties have no concept of facts or reality. You hate them both. I'm just come here to point them out and it sticks in your SJW gut.
  3. You really think CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS or ABC would show these facts? Maybe Media Matters or Kos will give you the real facts, LOL....Give me a fucking break!!! These stats are obviously hard to find for some reasons....You know, reality means fascist. Justice needs to be served for Floyd's death, which is will be, but the rest of all this......Smh.
  4. I know this won't go over very well to the biggest race-baiter of Surly, Pancho. But I always like to throw reality at these little things.....
  5. Except that people on the left aren't racist dorks. LMFAO!!
  6. Heating it up last night, I did get over 600 with my laser thermometer. More than enough.
  7. I've been very adamant over the years about the shag and here. You neg someone in the CR because you don't like the way they think, you're a pussy. I'm sorry, but that's a fact. If you believe the government needs to control every aspect of your lives, including the means of production. You're a semi commie/socialist. That's a fact. I would say I need to tone down the trolling, but it's so fucking easy....
  8. Well, kinda....I would say 90%, including you, would like to see the government control the means of production. Me calling yall, with a few cocktails in me, socialists is really not name calling. Just pointing out facts. I don't neg, like Hugo, and I don't call you infantile names.
  9. It opened up to 75% yesterday. Not sure about cow town, but went to restaurant/bar last night here at the Woodlands and the bar was packed, along with the restaurant. Not a mask to be seen.
  10. Stop 6 area. This shit was happening 40yrs ago when I was in High School. Nothing has changed.
  11. Well, Matt was there and told Kevin. So yeah, never doubt she wasn't
  12. Patience grasshopper. In do time.
  13. Does it really?.... https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120627/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_1
  14. Yes, the one right off of I35 and Lake Shore/340
  15. Are you referring to RYC?
  16. Back in the 90's I had a client in Waco that always wanted to eat lunch there when I was in town. I don't miss it.
  17. Luke is right. The conversion was just not the hose attachments, but orifices. I still get over 500degs, but I really haven't tested on how hot it will go.
  18. I agree with this^^ Most over there are pretty much playground children that call you names because you don't think like them. Pussies, in other words.... Hugo, as far as I know, never negs nor plays the playground name game. He was a big proponent of the Russian hoax, which was pretty comical at the time. Not sure if he was so naive to believe that crap or he was just trolling. Maybe a little of both.
  19. This is a good point. Before my flat top, half the time my steaks were in a cast iron and the other half were grilled. Now, it will just be on the griddle.
  20. No, I went with the 28" Blackstone. I'm retired and it's just the two of us so I don't need anything big. https://www.amazon.com/Blackstone-Outdoor-Grill-Griddle-Station/dp/B009971BM6
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